8 Causes of Cravings

Last night as I was speaking to my boyfriend, I told him everything I was craving to eat.  After being food poisoned and going on the blandest diet, my body was craving for a big fat juicy burger and a side of fries supreme (sour cream, ground beef, spring onion – oh man, it’s the works!) Literally, there was one night that I told my boyfriend that I was craving eggs so much, I dreamt I was slathering egg yolks all over my face.  Then there are nights when I’m craving ice cream, chips, chocolate, and the list goes on… Egg on face Vilsak-Koterba_ Are you a Sugar Addict? addiction to sugar Many people suffer from sugar addictions. I am definitely one of them.  If you are sugar addict, it indicates your body is asking for energy.  When sugar is digested, it becomes glucose and this is essentially fuel for your body’s cells.  This is where I introduce the concept of simple vs. complex carbohydrates. Simple carbs: highly processed foods and also refined sugar products (white rice, cookies, white bread, cake, etc.) Complex carbs: vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans – basically, any foods high in fiber! carbs_art8 When you eat simple carbs, your body’s sugar level spikes up providing you with a burst of energy.  However, your blood sugar will quickly drop and thus, you become hungry again.  To maintain that balance back in your blood sugar, your body wants you to eat something again and this is when people turn to quick sugar fixes because they typically feel drained and a lack of energy.   Complex carbs will give you the same energy and increase in blood sugar level however, the crash is not as intense and it tends your energy levels will dip slower so you will not feel the desperate need to replenish with something sugary. Are you Craving Salty Foods? craving-salt This can indicate mineral deficiency – try eating a wide variety of leafy greens which are very high in minerals Are you Craving Bittery Foods? Blanched-Melon Bitter foods enhance digestion so if you crave bittery foods, then you may be craving for nutritious foods to cut through fat and stagnation of the body’s organs and digestive tract
  • Try eating kale, collards, mustard greens, and dark leafy greens to revitalize your organs and digestive tract
There is a whole list of things I can reason out why you may be craving certain flavours or textures.  If you want more information, feel free to contact me. Liquids, Crispy and Dry, Light/Heavy Food, Spicy Foods, Pungent Flavours, etc. What you need to know is that cravings don’t just happen (unless maybe your PMS-ing)… there is always a reason why you crave something and it stems from something that is deficient in your diet.  So listen to your cravings and see which foods can help you satisfy these needs. iin According to Integrative Nutrition: In general, there are 8 primary causes of cravings: 1)     Dehydration
  • Your body may just need some liquids rather than food
2)     Lifestyle
  • Dissatisfaction in relationships, unhealthy exercise routine, boredom, emotional eating
3)     Yin/Yang Imbalance
  • Yin foods: provide feelings of lightness, elevations in mood and relief from blockages and stagnation (something sweet – refined sugars)
  • Yang foods: provide us strength, aggressiveness, and physical and mental power (beef, pork, eggs, fish, chicken –  basically, salty foods that are rich in protein)
  • So make sure you achieve a Yin/Yang Balance!
4)     Inside Coming Out
  • Sometimes, our body is craving something we have recently eaten, our childhood favourites, or something our ancestors ate
5)     Seasonal
  • Our body often craves foods that are in balance with the elements of each season
  • Spring – detoxifying foods such as leafy greens or citrus foods
  • Summer – cooling foods such as ice cream, raw foods, fruit
  • Fall – grounding foods such as squash, onions and nuts
  • Winter – hot and heat producing foods such as meat, oil, and fat
6)     Lack of Nutrients
  • Your body may be deficient in certain nutrients ex. Salt means lack of minerals
7)     Hormones
  • PMS, PMS, PMS, and PMS – need I say more?
8)     De-Evolution
  • When things are going extremely well, we self-sabotage and crave foods that throw us off balance – so we crave foods to re-balance
Hmm.. I think I'm going to go grab myself something sweet now…     Want more nutrition help? Click here to check out our 14 Day Nutrition Guide and get the most out of your workouts! eatclean

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