8 Dos And Don'ts Behind Your Decision Whether Or Not To Have Sex With Your Ex

You'd be hard pressed to find one among us who hasn't been faced with difficult decisions about seeing your ex post break up. Maybe you decide to hang out as friends, it can't hurt, right? Your friends all say the same thing: DON'T SLEEP WITH HIM! It is a rule. And the thing is, most of us have broken it. Even though we know that sex is a possible outcome when seeing an ex, it is not an easy decision.

The justifications we use for doing it:

1. We’ve been there, done that. When you were together, you had great sex. So, why not do it one last time? You know one another so it seems like a no brainer. 2. You hope it could bring you back together. You might still have feelings for him and one last time together might be enough to remind you both of what you had. 3. You’re already being emotionally reckless. You are already vulnerable by going to see him. o would having sex with him really make that much of a difference? 4. The classic denial. You know this one. The 'I can just sleep with him now and not feel anything." Yeah, be sure to let us know how that one works out for you....

The justifications we use for not doing it:

1. You sort of hate him now. You've been sitting on a mountain of anger and pain. Can you even look yourself in the mirror after having sex with someone who hurt you so much? 2. Your friends may murder you. They were there for you when it happened. They listened to you pour out your grief. And now you are going to act like none of that happened? Good luck finding a shoulder to cry on after. And you know you will need one. 3. It makes you question where he’s been. You start thinking about everyone he may have been with since you split and it makes you feel a little sick to your stomach. There is no telling how many and it is all a little too much to handle. 4. You aren’t sure you want to get back together. It is hard to sleep with an ex and feel nothing. Sleeping with him again might blind you with all those post coital good vibes and make you forget why it is better to stay broken up. Obviously, there is no 'real' right or wrong choice in this case. But you do need to be careful. Just remember that each relationship (and each break up) is different and you are the only one who can make this decision. Listen to yourself and you'll find the answers you need.  

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