The 8 Germ riden things you use everyday

I'm sure we can all name more than eight things covered in germs that we consistently use but I am only going to mention a few. I encourage you to add other in the comments below, I am sure we can all benefit from them. Real Simple Magazine outlines these top contenders. Ready?


1. The SPONGE and kitchen rags

I have never been a big fan of the sponge. I find it kind of strange and quite gross to use this squishy thing on my dishes, then use it to clean up the counters and then possibly to clean up some leftover chicken junk (eww). I try very very hard to be extra conscious about cleaning my sponge in between uses BUT if you have ever seen a woman working in the kitchen than you know things can move very fast.

Solution: Throw that wet bad boy in the microwave for one minute and make sure to run your rags under hot water between uses, allowing it to fully air dry.

2. The Kitchen Sink

When I read that the sink can contain more than 500,000 pieces of bacteria I fell over. Then they had to add that this can be 10x more than what you would find on the toilet seat? So my A** is cleaner than the food i'm eating? Great

Solution: Scrub down your sink with a scrub brush, don't forget the drain and the little crevices around the faucet. You can use a diluted bleach solution, full on hydrogen peroxide or opt for a natural antibacterial cleaner.


Reading this one is enough to make you run to the bathroom. You use it to brush the germs off your teeth and then usually leave it in the bathroom which is already covered in germs and wet damp areas. Common bugs : E.coli, Listeria, Strep and possibly MOLD.

Solution: I clean my toothbrush with soap before I use it and when I am done. Make sure you air dry it after each use. Don't forget to put the toilet seat down (cough, men).

4. Electronics

We are on them all the time, especially when we are sick. Besides the wiping of the screen, most of use do not regularly clean these items.

Solution: Wipe them down with a disinfecting wipe (wrung out). Don;t use the wipe on the screens surfaces, you may scratch them. You can find a scratch free electronic product for that.

5. Your home carpets; I'm going to add your car as well!

Some of our homes are covered in carpets. Kids, animals and friends walk in with their shoes(even when they aren't supposed to) and most of us walk around bare foot. You can find skin cells, pollen, dander and other types of bacteria in carpet fiber. When you walk, workout or roll around on them you cause the bugs/bacteria to come closer to you and the surface.

Solution: Always vacuum and invest in a fabric sanitizing product (preferably natural). Get your carpets cleaned at least once a year to keep them nice and fresh.

6. Bath Towels

Most of us reuse our bath towel a few times before washing them and that's FINE! The problem is a lot of us do not allow them to dry properly which can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Solution: Air out towels after use. If you can toss your towels straight into the dryer after each use.

7. Your Purse

These things are just covered in junk. We carry them around from place to place and set them on all sorts of surfaces. Gym, floor, grocery cart, car, basketball game etc etc

Solution: wipe the outside down with a disinfecting wipe. If you have a machine washable bag, throw it in the washer and dryer.

8. You Pets Bed

Its no surprise that this is on here, lets face it our animals can get pretty dirty and they only bathe as often as we feel like doing it. Germs can add up quickly along with fecal material and whatever was drug in from the doggie park.

Solution: Clean these once a week in HOT water and throw them in the dryer. Don't forget to wipe down your washer/dryer before using it for your clothes.

  What other things can you think of? Any natural solutions that you use?

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