8 Good For Your Gut Foods

Bacteria, it’s not just for petri dishes anymore. You’ve probably heard of the many probiotic foods that contain good bacteria for you, like yogurt and kefir, but you should also be balancing out your diet with prebiotic foods, which nourish the healthy bacteria already found in our body (otherwise known as our microbiome – bacteria that lives in our body). Here are 8 prebiotic superfoods to help with digestion, immunity, and metabolism: 1. Garlic – no complaints here, I am a garlic-fiend. Already known for its immune system boosting properties, garlic also fights bad stomach bacteria. It’s like a really smelly food superhero. 2. Radishes – previously known to me as “that pink stuff” at my local falafel stop. Good bacteria love what radishes have to offer, a compound called arabiongalactans. You don’t need to know how to pronounce it to know that the bacteria in your body will thank you for it. goodgutradishes 3. Jerusalem artichoke – a vegetable that I did not know existed, it contains a fibre/prebiotic called inulin, which fills you up without the extra calorie intake. goodgutjerusalemartichoke 4. Leeks – the walls of your gut will love all the fibre and flavonoids found in leeks, as manganese makes digestive enzymes and vitamin A, which helps to heal your stomach lining. 5. Jicama – which I recently ate at Fresh, is a crunchy root vegetable with a high inulin content, and contains compounds that help our microbiome create bacteria. It also tastes great with vegan chipotle mayo, in case you were wondering. goodgutJicama-Salad2 6. Asparagus – full of inulin, heals the gut wall, and has magnesium for digestive enzymes. No wonder it’s called aspara-gut. Eh? Get it? Well, I think I’m funny. 7. Carrots – like radishes, carrots contain arabiongalactans, great for your gut and your skin. goodgutCarrot-Nutri-Red-Sugarsnax-Purplesnax-1024x768 8. Turmeric – a delicious spice that acts as an anti-flammatory to help heal the gut.  

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