8 Great Sources of Plant Protein

  b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6   When it comes to going vegan, protein is always the first wonder that comes to mind. Meat eaters frequently ask and vegans are sick of hearing it: "Where do you get your protein?" But would you believe it if I were to tell you that some vegetables actually pack more protein than meat itself? It is true.       b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6   8 Great Sources of Plant Protein   1. Tempeh- 1 cup packs 3o grams of protein. 2. Almonds- 3 oz. packs 18 grams of protein. 3. Lentils- 1 cup packs 18 grams of protein. 4. Chickpeas- 1 cup packs 15 grams of protein. 5. Quinoa- 1 cup packs 11 grams of protein. 6. Peas- 1 cup packs 9 grams of protein. 7. Oats- 1 cup packs 7 grams of protein. 8. Spinach (cooked)- 1 cup packs 5 grams of protein.   Here are a few more meatless protein options as well!   guide-ad  

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