8 Gym-Free Fun Ways To Burn Calories

Do you hate going to the gym? Often find it difficult to motivate yourself, but you desperately want to lose weight? You're not alone - we all have times when we would rather do anything other than go to the gym! If you really hate it though, and the idea of a workout sends shivers down your spine, there's no need to worry - there are loads of ways you can burn calories without going anywhere near a treadmill or weights. You can have fun while you shed the fat, and according to a new study by Cornell University, if you make your workout fun then you're likely to eat less afterwards too! Perfect! 1. Go for a walk If you want to lose some fat and hate the idea of running, but would still like to find something you can do right outside your front door - try walking. Take a walk around your local area - even better if there are a few hills as that'll get your heart racing and you'll burn more calories. This doesn't mean that you'll burn a decent amount of calories by just dragging yourself around - it has to be a walk at a steady to fairly high pace. If you get bored or lonely, invite a friend to join you as you take in the local scenery. 2. Get your skates on I've loved roller skating ever since I can remember - it's so much fun! Grab some skates, get outside and enjoy yourself! You'll have a smile on your face as you burn those calories - plus, anything that makes you feel like you're a sun-kissed beauty skating along Miami beach is always welcome - ok I admit - that's how I feel when I'm skating. It's a great way to escape your troubles and have fun. 3. Play tennis with a friend This doesn't count as fun if you see yourself as the next Venus Williams, but if you're looking for a great way to spend some time with a friend while torching those calories, tennis is a brilliant thing to consider. You'll burn calories as you dash across the court after the ball, but you won't feel the drain of being in a gym. What more could you want? 4. Try pole dancing For years pole dancing has been associated with sleazy nightclubs, but now it's becoming better known as a great way to burn some calories! I take pole dance lessons (and no - I'm not a 'pole dancer' in the way that many people may assume), and it's a brilliant way to lose weight, build muscle AND improve strength and flexibility! You are guaranteed to have fun, and you'll be burning loads of calories - perfect! 5. Go kayaking Whether you see yourself as 'the outdoors type' or not, you have to at least try kayaking. It's fantastic! You get to explore whatever part of the seaside or lake you choose, while giving your abs a serious workout! The best part? It won't feel like exercise until the day after you've been kayaking...then your DOMS will kick in, but it'll be worth it after all of the fun you'll have had from your day out. 6. Try surfing Have you ever seen a surfer who's out of shape? Didn't think so! Surfing is amazing fun, but it's also a fantastic workout! You'll be too busy focusing on trying to balance (and probably laughing at yourself for falling in the water) to realise that you're actually putting your body through a pretty gruelling workout! Who doesn't want to workout hard and enjoy every second of it!? 7. Give stand up paddle boarding a go If surfing isn't your thing, try stand up paddle boarding (SUP) - it's a great way to tone your abs but is so much fun that you'll forget you are doing it to burn calories! Don't just go out onto the water with a board and paddle though - for beginners it's safest to at least have one taster session with a professional so you can learn what to do. If it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz then it's good enough for us! 8. Get on your bike Cycling is an excellent way to burn some calories - get out (either on your own, or with friends or family) and explore! Whether you choose to cycle along the road on a route you know well, or take the path less known, you're sure to have a great time...and lose some fat on the way. If you can't afford to buy a bike - don't worry - there are loads of places that hire bikes for the day, so you can explore to your heart's content.   These are just a few great ways that you can burn calories while having fun, but there are loads more! Don't think that just because you hate the gym that it means you can't keep fit!   Featured image credit: http://ludipodblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/the-dreaded-gym/   Source: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20392437,00.html  

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