8 Habits of Highly Fit People That Can Help You Reach Your Own Goals!

Two thirds of American adults are overweight and half don't meet the physical activity requirements established by the Centers for Disease Control. Scary, right? And this isn't just true in the United States. Globally, obesity rates have doubled since 1980 and in 2014,  1.9 billion adults were overweight and 600 million were obese! So, what about the people who are not overweight or obese? How are they able to maintain their healthy weight while others struggle so mightily to shed even a few pounds? Well, for starters, they have all established incredibly healthy habits. Why not look to them for a little inspiration? Here are some behaviours, strategies, and characteristics that top fitness professionals claim are displayed in their most successful clients:  

1. They treat health as a lifestyle

Those who reach high levels of fitness have bypassed quick fixes in honor of more permanent solutions. They don't go on diets or cleanses just so they can look great in a bikini while on spring break, they make permanent changes and prioritize those changes long term. “The most successful fit people make training and nutritious eating a way of life,” says Bret Contreras, CSCS, a highly regarded strength coach based in Arizona. “Sure, they slip up from time to time just like everyone, but rest assured that they’ll be training at least a couple of days per week, 52 weeks out of the year.”

2. They have fun

Being active doesn't have to be boring. If you would rather eat rocks than run on a treadmill, don't run on a treadmill!  “The most successful fit people find fun and enjoyment in their fitness journey,” says Matt Kasee, owner of Matt Kasee Training and Performance in Cincinnati, Ohio. “They experiment and do new things all the time to stay fit.” A boring routine can mean the death of your good intentions. “Monotony, either planned or self-imposed, derails a lot of people,” says Kasee. “Look for the fun in your plan -- from learning to cook new foods to playing sports with friends to learning new exercises. Focusing on some variation and fun keeps you fully engaged with your plan.”

3. They follow the 85/15 rule

It is absolute myth that fit people don't enjoy a drink or bite of dessert now and then. “One thing I’ve found that separates people who’ve been more successful with maintaining their fitness and physique is embracing moderation in their nutrition. In other words, they follow the 85/15 rule,” says fitness guru Nick Tumminello, owner of Performance University. “This means that if 85 percent of the time you eat in the way that emphasizes fruits and vegetables and high-quality meats, eggs and fish while limiting processed food, simple sugar, hydrogenated oil and alcohol, then 15 percent of time you can eat whatever you want,” he says. If you are trying to put these ratios in practical terms, it means you can indulge a little once every 7 meals.   [bctt tweet="8 Habits of Highly Fit People That Can Help You Reach Your Own Goals!"]

4. They make it competitive

There is nothing that can light a fire under you quite like a competition. You don't have to necessarily sign up for a Tough Mudder or a bodybuilding contest (although you can). The real contest is, and always will be, against yourself. The biggest difference between working out and training is that the latter is structured and goal oriented. If all you do is wander the gym without a plan in mind, you are likely to give up out of boredom or because you aren't seeing results. Find that inner part of you that is a competitive athlete. Have a plan and track your results, push yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

5. They recover quickly from a relapse

Stuff happens. Dietary slip ups are not the end of the world. Don't let one poor food choice turn into a full on bender or a month's long break from the gym. Super fit people do not allow these moments to derail the train. Accept that it happened and move on! Enjoy the indulgence, savor it and then just keep moving.

6. They know what they don't  know

It is okay to not know the answers. No one starts out an expert. Fit people are not afraid to ask fitness and nutrition experts what's what and they  are very open to being coached. They want the best results in the least amount of time and turn to the people who can help them achieve this. “My most successful fitness clients and chiropractic patients just do what I say and trust in my expertise,” says Dr. Jason Placeway, doctor of chiropractic at Mt. Lookout Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. “They don’t allow infomercials, a book they read or something their neighbor told them at a cookout to influence them. They don’t think they know more than me or that they can figure it out on their own.”  

7. They avoid "analysis paralysis"

If you want to be your fittest self, your workout plan needs to be uncomplicated and straightforward. Analyzing every element, starting a workout program that is too advanced for you, and hopping from one program to the next, are sure fire ways to leave yourself feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed. The people who are most consistent in their workouts are the people who make sure they are simple, manageable, and fun. Life is complicated enough as it is, why add to that with an impossible gym routine? If you need an easy place to start, we can help. The BodyRock Bootcamps are not only fun, they are effective! The Beginner Bootcamp is perfect if you are new to working out or looking to get back into the game after some time away. If you are a little deeper into your fitness journey but haven't found the right program for you, the Intermediate Bootcamp has your name written all over it! Both programs offer you a brand new, real-time, workout delivered to your inbox every day for 30 days, absolutely free! Based on the principles of tabata and HIIT training, these workouts last between 10-12 minutes each and will get your blood pumping while helping you build some beautiful, lean muscle! You will get the guidance and expertise of our trainers, Edith and Lisa, in the comfort of your own living room. So, if you are not a fan of gyms or are just looking to add something a little different to your routine, this is it! We promise, you will never be bored! Sign up for the Beginner Bootcamp here and the Intermediate Bootcamp here.

8. They understand that a training program is not the same as a weight loss program

Fit people don't measure their success by how much weight they are losing, the measure it by improvements in performance and strength. They understand that nutrition plays the majority role in fat loss. Diet will drive fat loss while training will improve fitness and performance. Stay true to your workouts even if the number on the scale refuses to budge. When it comes to tackling the nutritional side of things, we've got you covered there too. The BodyRock Meal Plans make eating clean easier than you would have thought possible. The Meal Plan covers everyone from meat eaters to vegans and takes virtually all the guess work out of meal prep. We provide you with a weekly grocery list so all you have to do is buy the ingredients and follow along! We are talking 30 days worth of real, whole, exciting, flavorful meals and snacks  that will satisfy your taste buds! What are you waiting for? Get your Meal Plan here! What habits have you noticed in highly fit people? With inspiration from: LiveStrong, World Health Organization

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