8 High-Protein Breakfast Foods That Aren't Eggs

If you're looking to get a protein punch but you're just sick of eggs everyday, then these 8 fresh ideas are definitely for you! #1 Hot Cereal Many hot cereals are extremely rich in fiber and protein! You can top them with fruit, flavourful spices like cinnamon and greek yogurt for even more protein. #2 Yogurt Parfait With Farro Add some farro into your parfait! It's an ancient grain which boasts an impressive protein content and a unique flavour. It is also full of magnesium and iron. #3 Tahini Smoothie Okay, bare with me here. Tahini may be the last thing you'd think to throw in your blender for breakfast but stirring in some of this sesame seed paste with peaches, bananas and agave can actually taste amazing. #4 Greek Yogurt As mentioned above, greek yogurt is a protein-heavy addition to your parfaits, cereals, fruit bowls and smoothies! It's loaded with probiotics and potassium as well. #5 Cottage Cheese It may sound like another off-beat early morning snack, but cottage cheese is a protein super-food. Blend it so it's smooth and creamy, and you have a coating for French toast. Or mix it with fresh fruit. It can even be put in a smoothie with bananas and honey. #6 Almonds Rich in omega-3s, almonds also contain 16 grams of protein per half-cup. They can be ground into porridge, or spread on toast in the form of almond butter. #7 Tofu Loaded with protein and totally vegan and gluten free, tofu can be a welcomed addition to breakfast burritos (along with beans, for even more protein). #8 Ricotta Cheese This last unexpected breakfast food is creamy and delicious. Slather it on toast with a drizzle of honey or blend it in with fruit and almonds for a high protein treat! What are your favourite early morning protein fixes? Source: Shape  

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