8 Major Fitness Blunders That Are Slowing Down Your Metabolism!

Your metabolism can be complex, and sometimes what causes it to slow down isn't always obvious. That's why we've outlined the 8 major blunders that are impeding your metabolic rate and keeping you entire system at a stand still: #1 Working out at the wrong time. Your body's circadian rhythm is regulated by sunlight. This rhythm keeps everything inline within you, including your metabolism. So head out for a jog towards the early morning hours, as this has been shown to be the best time for absorbing your needed rays without getting burned! #2 You're focused on time and not intensity. The reason why high intensity interval training (HIIT) is so wildly popular is because of how efficient it is. HIIT workouts are brief, pound-shredding, heart-pumping routines! It has been proven more effective for your metabolism to do more intense exercise in less time than the opposite way around. Try a 20-minute HIIT workout 3 times a week to see results. #3 You eat sea salt. Sea salt is thought to be healthier than table salt, but it actually lacks one vital element that your body needs - iodine. This element provides your thyroid the ability to produce necessary hormones. Without this bodily function, your metabolism can get thrown out of whack and slow right down. It's important to get iodine from alternative sources like cod, shrimp and eggs. #4 You're snacking wrong. Revving up your metabolism and your body's fat burning power is as easy as eating nuts! Skip those low-calorie crackers (they are gross-tasting anyways) and indulge in some omega-3 rich walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds! Walnuts are particularly powerful as they help supercharge the genes which control fat burning. #5 You're going carb-less. You need good-for-you carbs! In fact, your muscles demand them! Without the good carbs from whole grains, oatmeal and brown rice, you won't have the energy to sustain a good workout. Without that energy, you'll burn way fewer calories and the whole ordeal will be kind of pointless. So fuel up on good carbs to make your body a fat burning machine. #6 You hurry when it comes to weights. metabolism Speeding through your bicep curls and deadlifts can be disastrous, as you're missing all the metabolism benefits that come from these moves. Slow lowering is a part of a proper lifting routine and it is the key to burning up calories. Taking time to focus on the task at hand and doing each lift and lower with correct form will help torch fat and build bigger, better muscles. #7 You turn up the heat. The temperature you sleep in plays a big role in fat activity within the body. If you snooze in a cool room (66ºF or lower) your brown fat activates to keep you warm. When this happens at night, you're more likely to torch mega-calories during the day. Save a little on your energy bill and keep the heat low! #8 You don't eat dairy. Dairy is a source of proteins like whey and casein, and these are the building blocks of bigger, stronger muscles. Without well-developed muscles, your metabolism get slower and lags on the amount of calories it burns. Women who consume 3-7 servings of dairy a day have been found to burn more fat and maintain more muscle than those who don't. Get your fix of cheese and yogurt! Have you been making any of these big metabolism blunders? Source: Prevention    

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