8 Major Reasons You Aren't Shedding Pounds and How to Fix Them!

Eating well and exercising, but your extra pounds won't budge? Here are the 8 major reasons that weight isn't going anywhere: #1 You're Not Eating Enough Ok, so it sounds strange. However, limiting your portion sizes too much can actually have a negative impact on weight loss. Not eating enough slows down your metabolism and impedes any pound shedding. So eat well portioned, healthy meals! #2 You're Dehydrated Drinking water makes you feel more full, and keeps you from overeating. Plus it flushes out toxins from your system. Make sure you're properly hydrated with water! #3 You're Cutting Out a Macronutrient Diets that cut out essential macronutrients (e.g. low-carb or fat-free) do not work. Whole grains are carbs and keep you feeling energized and full with fiber, and healthy fats like those found in fish and avocados do wonders for your health. #4 You're Not Eating Breakfast This is the most important meal of the day and should be full of fiber and protein to keep your metabolism functioning properly! #5 Stress Has Taken Over Stress can cause emotional binge eating and lack of sleep which both cause weight to stay stationary. Stress-reducing workouts like yoga and swimming can help alleviate anxiety and shed pounds. #6 You Love Dining Out Many restaurants use processed ingredients, chemicals, added sugars and trans fats in their dishes. So if you love dining out, eat salads and fresh, simple dishes without too many additives. #7 You Eat "Diet" Foods Anything "fat-free", "diet" or even "sugar free" is loaded with extra chemicals for improved taste. Stay away from anything "diet", especially diet sodas. #8 You Don't Have Enough Muscle More muscle mass increases your body's calorie burning ability. Try light resistance training to boost your muscles and lose weight faster! What are your tips on losing weight? Share them with us!  

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