8 Mental Health Resources for When You Can't Afford Therapy

It could be that you can't quit smoking. Maybe you don't know if your partner's "moodiness" is abuse. Stress from parenting might be making you feel like you'll explode if you don't connect with another soul who knows what you're going through. There are professionals to help with all sorts of mental health issues, but they aren't always locally available and they most often are not free. The kind folks at Greatist have helped things along by putting together a list of free mental health resources. Here are a few. 1. Depression CBT Self-help Guide. Free for Android users, this app will help you navigate changes in mood, offer meditation training, and offer information on cognitive behavioural therapy options. 2. PTSD Coach. Free to iOS and Android users, this app gives information on PTSD, treatment options, and direct connections to support and advice for living with PTSD. 3. Quit Pro. This app is like having a life coach and quit smoking cheerleader at once. It tracks days since you quit, your last cigarette, and even calculates every day how your health is improving and how much money you're saving by not smoking. Free for iOS and Android. 4. Worry Watch. This $1.99 app allows those with anxiety issues to track triggers, outcomes and episodes of panic. It's password protected as well, so whatever you enter on the app becomes part of your own diary. For iOS. 5. GLBT National Help Center. A comprehensive site offering options for community involvement as well as counselling for anyone identifying as LGBTQ, including a chat room staffed by volunteer counsellors. 6. OK2Talk.org. This site is for teens and young adults who want to reach out and get help and support for their mental health issues, especially to understand diagnoses they may received. 7. National Suicide Prevention Hotline. The 24/7 option for getting individuals through the worst moments of their lives and helping them get in touch with a professional who can help them long-term. 8. National Eating Disorders Association. Extensive network of support for eating disorders. Type in your location and lists of local organization and treatment options will immediately be available to research online or contact directly.  

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