8 Push-up Variations

A little while ago I did a post about plank variations, but now I’m taking it to a whole ‘nother level. Because… when you do a push-up you sink down, so you wouldn’t be on the same level as a plank. Eh? Get it? Ok, terrible joke, but AWESOME push-up variations. 1. 3 point push-up: place one foot on top of the other to make it more challenging 2. Grasshopper push-up: one leg stays straight and the other bends and turns to the side as you lower your body, which is much easier to show than tell, 3. Diamond push-up: good workout for your triceps, place your hands in a diamond shape on the floor and do a push-up as per usual. pushupdiamond 4. Rotational push-up: do a regular push-up but as you come up, rotate your body into a side plank position, your arm reaching to the ceiling. Repeat on the other side. 5. Decline push-up: place your feet on an equalizer, bench, or chair – great for strengthening shoulders 6. Staggered push-up: place one hand farther forward than the other, emphasizing one side of the chest. 7. Knuckle push-up: favoured by martial artists to condition the knuckles and strengthen the wrists, form a fist with your hands and pushupknuckle_push_up 8. Pseudo-planche push-up: an excellent workout for your shoulders and biceps, instead of pointing your hands forward, turn them so your fingers point towards your toes. Your feet remain on the ground for this one, if you want to turn it into a full planche push-up, pick them up and balance on your hands - VERY HARD. pushupPlanchePushup Push-ups are a great all-around workout. It uses body weight, boosts your metabolic rate, and it works a bunch of different parts of the body, so spice up your push-up routine with one of these variations.

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