8 Reasons To Date Someone Who Is Fit, Strong and Intelligent

Being attracted to healthy, fit, strong and intelligent people is to be attracted to people living life holistically. To love such a person is a way of loving that person for all that they are. On top of that, it provides you with a wonderful opportunity for self growth and development.

Your experience of intimacy is more than just sexual.

The definition of the word intimacy means "profound interior" or "most within" and that is what you get when you date someone who is fit, emotionally strong and smart. People in possession of these qualities are confident and willing to risk the vulnerability that comes with opening to a new relationship. They know who they are, at their core, and so even if they are plagued by moments of occasional doubt, they don't spend too much time worrying about those unimportant details. Knowing their true value, and knowing you see it too, means a solid foundation for your relationship moving forward.

Your relationship strengthens your identity – not the opposite way around.

By being with someone who works on all levels to be the best they can, you will be challenged to explore uncharted territories in your own existence. Being with someone who challenges your way of thinking (in a respectful way, NEVER by cutting you down -- see my point on coexisting), may force you to venture outside your comfort zone, to learn new things. The fitness element works the same way. Perhaps you both train differently, you can show each other what gets your blood pumping and do some of your favourite activities together. This can expand on your individual awesomeness in a reciprocal way. You guys were great before, now you'll be even better.

It inspires you to want to be better.

I don't mean better in some external, superficial, societal way. I mean better on the inside. When you are with someone who has it all together, you will be inspired to achieve the same. You cannot be in a relationship as an emotional wreck. Use your relationship as an opportunity to get as healthy as you possibly can. If you see how amazing your partner feels after a solid workout, than maybe it is time to bump up your own routine, for example.

Neither of you have the capacity to entertain petty dramas, so you don’t lose your connection.

Because you both believe in being as happy and healthy as possible, you don't get caught up in unimportant transgressions. You are able to intellectually and rationally discuss things before they become a real issue.

You learn what it means to coexist.

Your belief and your feelings are not being ignored in this relationship. Because of this, you can hold your own while being more respectful of someone doing the same. You are not fighting to be 'right' or to be heard. You are heard so you can express yourself without feeling dismissed. You can challenge and be challenged without having to be defensive or feel insulted/disrespected.

You bond over your favourite activities.

This is more than just 'Oh, I like that restaurant too!' This is looking at something your partner loves profoundly and loving it because they love it. When we engage in things we love, we shine. Seeing your partner like that is a truly beautiful gift. So, you find ways to share these experiences with one another and it deepens your connection. If your partner loves to run, join him. Train for a half marathon together. You will have the bonding of training together (and he gets to share his knowledge with you) and you get the extra special high that comes from achieving a goal, together.

You learn and you teach one another.

As has been mentioned a few times already, you have an opportunity to expose each other to new things. Perhaps your partner has a favourite author you've never read or likes a particular school of philosophical thought with which you are unfamiliar. Maybe you have some really great nutrition hacks that will make him feel like a million bucks. Sharing this information back and forth gives you access to so much more of yourself than you had before. Expanding your knowledge base is a wonderful thing.

You’re loved for the person you are, beyond what you appear to be, or the physical space you inhabit.

People who are healthy, in mind and body, understand that we are so much more than our packaging or our image. If you are with such a person, you have been given the freedom to be who you are. If you aren't in perfect shape or don't know all there is to know about football or astrophysics, you are still loved. You can always work out more, watch more football, read a textbook. But right now, your partner sees through these perceived shortcomings and embraces the depth of your character. Dating someone who is fit, strong and intelligent is as wonderful experience. Physical and intellectual health means a happy, active and stimulating relationship. It will give you a sense of well being and comfort while providing ample opportunities for self improvement. No one is ever perfect, and healthy people know this, working toward your best self together is one wonderful lifelong reward. h/t: Thought Catalog    

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