8% of All Runners Go Commando - Would You Run Sans Skivvies?

Last Wednesday was National Runners Day! A day to encourage people all over the world to get out and get active! In accordance with the day's traditions, the annual Run Happy Nation report was released. It's a collection of data from runners across the globe about to see what's trending in running. In one stat, 8% of runners revealed they don't wear any undies when hitting the pavement. This is because when running, moisture and heat get trapped...erm...down there. There's also an increase of chafing. This causes discomfort for some people, while stripping off the skivvies leaves them feeling fresher and cooler. Another reason is that undies can cause panty-lines for self conscious among us, and panty-free is far more comfortable than dealing with the wedgie factor of a thong. A point many runners who are favourable to the commando lifestyle make is that many running shorts already have underwear built in. So it seems redundant to put a elastic and cotton layer underneath the already there elastic/lycra cotton layer. Personally, one particular concern with being underwearless is the risk of wardrobe malfunctions. Bending and stretching, camel toe, perhaps you get a rip in the seems and suddenly more of you is on display than you're entirely comfortable with? Especially if your running route includes a children's park like mine does, that just seams like a risk I'm not willing to take. We want to know what you think! Are you pro skivvies or anti-skivvies?        

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