8 Self Care Ideas That Can Scientifically Prevent Health Problems!

Self care is something that in our society, we sometimes view as a luxury. "Oh I'd love to de-stress but sadly I have work/kids/exams! Maybe if I won the lottery or something." By neglecting self care, we are actually putting our health and happiness at risk. And it's not being selfish or lazy to care for your wellbeing! Here are some ideas for getting the scientifically recommended 20 minutes of self care per day that you need! 1) Find Your Inner Yogi!   Yoga has been proven to boost energy and improve focus while decreasing anxiety. Restore your inner zen with some early morning yoga before rushing off to your busy day! 2) Turn Off The Tech!   Put down your phone, tablet or whatever you're glued to for just a half hour. Give your brain some much needed downtime and let your thoughts regroup. 3) Get Your Om On!   Meditation quiets your mind and relieves stress. Sneak a little meditation sesh into your daily routine. Try Yogic breathing (long inhales and exhales) which will calm your body. You can also try Tai Chi, a form of slow motion dance that boosts memory and alleviates aches and pains. 4) Have a Bath!   Skip your regular shower routine and have some tub time. Soak in Epsom salts for a needed boost of magnesium, or try an aromatic bath bomb! 5) Power Nap!   Not getting enough sleep can do damage to your system! Set aside time for a much needed power nap. Even 20 minutes can give you a boost and give your brain a breather. 6) Stretch It Out!   You don't even have to leave your bed. Just wake up and stretch your muscles. Bring your knees close to your chest and wrap your arms around them. Hold this pose for 50 seconds. This "hug" hits every muscle in your body and it can be done from anywhere. 7) Crank the Tunes!   Music is the ultimate mood shifter. Use music for many different purposes, from relaxing your mind to getting your body moving! 8) Try a New DIY Spa Treatment   I love experimenting with homemade face masks. Lather your feet with coconut oil, try a honey and cinnamon face mask or an oatmeal face scrub. Try these suggestions and let us know how they worked for you! What are some ways you like to de-stress?  

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