8 Simple Diet Tips To Keep You On Track

It is hard to control our weight. Having a good, healthy diet can be hard sometimes. Here are 8 simple tricks to keep your diet on track! 1) Carbs in the morning Ditching the carbs is only a quick fix diet. By eating carbs in the morning you have all day to burn them off and they give you a nice boost of energy that is well needed for the morning! 2) Say no to pop! There is so many extra, empty calories in pop. Opt out and if the bubbles are really the part you want try sparkling water as a substitute! 3) Eliminate sugar in coffee or tea Try to drink the morning cup without the refined sugar. A good alternative for tea is using honey to add a sweet touch! 4) One serving at a time If you are only cooking for yourself, cook only one serving at a time. This will get rid of the desire to eat more than you originally planned or wanted to. 5) Do Salad right Ditch the creamy, heavy dressings for lighter dressings! If you are still in need of the crunch of croutons, try adding some nuts to your salad instead! Nuts will also add some protein too. 6) Go oh natural Eating natural foods over processed foods will help keep your body feeling clean and will support long term weight loss. 7) Being a little hungry is good! Having that little bit of hunger is a good thing before meals. It means your body is ready to get fueled up again! 8) Foods that are off limits Trainers Chris and Heidi Powell say that "anytime you deprive yourself of food . . . all you want is what you can't have! It's all about eating things in moderation! Share your diet tips with us!  

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