8 Simple Tricks To Lose 10 Pounds Without Exercise

These 8 strategies may sound too good to be true, but they really can melt pounds off you without requiring you to work out! 1) Dim the lights. Lighting can be the secret to tricking your brain into eating less. Dimming the lights around meal time makes people eat up to 18% less food than those who dine in brighter light, a study by Cornell University revealed. 2) Get it straight. Straighter drinking glasses can actually play a role in how you consume beverages. Research suggests that people drinking faster from curved glasses because they can't tell how quickly it's becoming empty. So if you're trying to avoid drinking huge amounts of soda or other sugary beverage, serve it in a straight glass. 3) Turn in early. Less sleep makes you overeat, so try adjusting your sleep schedule to get the most out of good night's rest. "Sleep deprivation can raise levels of appetite hormones like gherlin." says Manfred Hallschmid, PhD, a researcher from University of Tübingen. Try going to bed a half hour earlier each night until you fall into a successful pattern. You'll be more refreshed in the morning and apt to exercise! 4) Say "I can!" lose weight Believing in yourself is a start to developing the willpower to say 'no' to food cravings, and say yes to adding a few extra blocks onto your morning run routine. Retrain your brain to think less about all the foods you 'can't' eat, and begin to embrace all the wonderful 'cans' in your life. You can climb the stairs without getting winded, and you can fit in to that little black dress! 5) Think thin. Mindset plays a huge role in achieving your fitness goals! When you know you can do something, and program your mind to believe you've already done it, your body responds positively. A study by The Cleveland Clinic found that women who thought of themselves as having already become their desired weight, were more successful than those who focused on the idea that they were fat. 6) No more food porn. People who gaze at pictures of high carb, high fat, high sugar foods on their Instagram and Pinterest feeds are more likely to become hungry and try to fulfill their cravings than those who don't. So don't spend your day ogling donuts and burgers, start following accounts that focus on healthy eating and nutrient-rich foods. 7) Drink up. Drinking water can kick cravings to the curb! Whenever you feel like a full plate of fries, get some H2O into you. Staying hydrated can stop us from eating excessive calories. Have a glass of water with you at every meal and skip sodas, fruit drinks and alcohol. 8) Enjoy eating. Turn off the TV, set down your smartphone and really absorb yourself in the experience of eating your meal. Chew your food, as most of your digestion happens within your mouth. "Looking forward to eating could have a positive effect on food intake control because it leads to feeling full sooner, and sustaining that feeling of full so you don't seek out high-calorie snacks." says Dr. Hallschmid. What are some ways you have lost weight without exercise? Source: Prevention    

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