8 Slimming Summer Soups You Will Love!

Bringing a twist to the classic gazpacho, these chilled summer soups will give you the nutrients you need and the slimming power you want while being totally delicious! #1 Chilled Pea, Avocado and Mint Soup mint avocado pea soup Lusciously green with fibrous, filling peas and omega-3 rich avocado make this creamy creation an instant favourite. #2 Mango Raspberry Soup mango raspberry Forget blending up a smoothie or grabbing a yogurt, try this refreshing fruit soup! It's loaded with the protein of Greek yogurt and phytonutrients from disease-fighting, weight loss aiding raspberries. #3 Spiced Watermelon Gazpacho watermelon Chill out with this spicy soup. Make it smoky with paprika and summer fresh with basil. Each juicy bite has potassium, amino acids and beta-carotene. #4 Cool As A Cucumber Soup cucumberEasy to whip up, this cucumber soup has dill, parsley and protein-rich Greek yogurt to help keep you feeling full. Bring it to work for a fresh, slimming treat. #5 Cantaloupe Soup cantaloupe melonCantaloupe are super foods for weight loss as they are low cal, nutrient dense and filling. Ginger and lemon add new flavour to this amazing melon! #6 Creamy Corn Gazpacho creamy corn weight lossColourful with a culinary punch! Corn can be a great weight loss helper and provides a filling feeling to keep you from craving a food binge. #7 Raw Tortilla Soup tortilla clean eating Meatless, heatless and totally scrumptious! Celery gives you folate, bell peppers add dietary fibre and the whole dish is crave-worthy. #8 Vegan Basil Soup With Corn and Cucumber Salad  basil vegan recipe This summery veg combo is light, raw and gluten-free. The slimming soup is silky smooth with a crisp crunch of garden fresh salad. Yum! Try these recipes and share your thoughts with us! What are your favourite summer soups or salads? Source: Shape        

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