8 Sounds Your Body Makes, and When to Visit the Doctor

8 sounds your body makes 1. Habitual Snoring Snoring happens when the tissue in your mouth and throat vibrate as you breathe. This annoying habit can be helped with nasal strips or sprays but there’s also surgery and other solutions your doctor may be able to help you with. When to ask your Doctor: If this habit is perpetual and your partner or even just you are not getting the sleep you need, even with trying the nasal strips, consult your doctor to find which solution is best for you. 2. Clicking/Popping Jaw If you’re hearing that click in your jaw, the temporomandibular joint is the hinge and/or cartilage of your upper and lower jaw might be misaligned. If you’re hearing this pop or click, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, though! When to ask your Doctor: If you’re having pain or your jaw is locking/unable to open all the way, definitely go see your doctor. 3. Wheezing and Coughing at the same time This is a classic symptom of asthma, or allergies, if you’re lucky. When to ask your doctor: If you’re experiencing this combo of symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor. If you only notice this combo under certain circumstances, take note of that too - like if you’re coughing and wheezing during your workout, you might have exercise induced asthma. 4. Knees cracking There are three major culprits when your knees start to crack, according to Dr David Geier , “Tendons snapping over joints, fluid shifts that pop gas bubbles, or joints moving slightly off track.” See a doctor if: “You experience pain, swelling, or locking, or if your symptoms limit your activity in sports or exercise,” says Dr. Geier. 5. Ringing or Buzzing in your Ears It’s known as tinnitus, and it may feel like you’re hearing a soft ringing or a buzz, but you’re not; it’s actually all happening in your head. What’s really happening is that your brain is misinterpreting electrical signals as if they were sounds from your ears, making you feel like you’re hearing noise. When to ask your doctor: Tinnitus is remarkably difficult to treat, but if you’re hearing it on only one side of your head, it could be an infection or an inner-ear disorder. 6. Your Heart Beats in your Ears Another sort of tinnitus, this is called pulsatile tinnitus. Either you’re super sensitive to sounds for some reason or something is making your blood flow louder than usual. When to ask your doctor: You should probably get it checked out, just in case. “The most common causes of abnormal sound production arise from abnormalities in the very large veins that bring blood from the brain back down to the heart and which happen to pass right through the ear,” says Dr. Eisenman. However, if the culprit is your ear being sensitive, you might just have an innocent wax buildup or something of the sort - your doctor will be able to sort it all out. 7. Clicking or Popping Elbow Just further down your arm, this sound could also just indicate a bit of roughness between joints, but there are a number of other possible culprits for this symptom. But most of them are harmless unless they’re bringing pain. When to ask your doctor: If your elbow hurts or your joint locks up. It could be arthritis or maybe a plica, a condition where a part of the joint thickens and becomes stiff, thus your click. Plicas can be removed with arthroscopic surgery (which isn’t as scary as it seems). 8. Clicking or Popping Shoulder This one’s usually pretty harmless. If you’re hearing a click when you rotate your shoulder, it’s probably just a bit of roughness in your joints - particularly as we get older. When to ask your doctor: If your shoulder is aching when it pops, or you’re experiencing discomfort. Likely what will heal your ail will be stretching the area. But be careful, you don’t want to make it worse! Be sure you know what you’re doing. Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_104619" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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