8 Spring Vegetables To Detox and Energize

I love spring cleaning, I dredge my shelves for all of the books and movies that are collecting dust, and I sort through my wardrobe for the clothes I never wear, readying my excess junk to donate. I also love pulling all of my furniture out, sweeping and dusting those hard to reach, seldom cleaned spots. This year I’m excited to give my body a spring cleaning as well. Here are 8 spring vegetables that will help detox and energize your body.
  1. Asparagus – or “spare guts” as my younger cousins call them, contains inulin – a prebiotic carbohydrate that will promote the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system, plus they are so good thrown on the barbecue with some some sea salt.
springasparagus-400x246 2. Cabbage – a natural detoxifier, it also neutralizes dangerous carcinogens which prevent cancerous cells from growing. 3. Brussel sprouts – has similar effects to cabbage, fitting since they look like mini cabbages. Bonus health benefit: brussel sprouts could lower cholesterol build-up and inflammation according to a Netherlands medical study 4. Artichokes – have an insane amount of dietary benefits: antioxidents, vitamin C, fibre, and potassium. springartichoke 5. Radishes – one of my new favourite salad toppings, radishes help clean out the liver and kidneys because of the sulfur in them, which promotes circulatory system efficiency. 6. Celery – I’ve once heard it called the toothbrush of the colon, disgusting image, but kind of accurate since it’s full of easily digestible fibre. The pthalides found in celery will also help lower blood pressure. 7. Beets – previously known to me as the purple thing I didn’t know the name of at falafel houses, beets soothe inflammation, promote anti-aging, and lower cancer risk. 8. Mushrooms – high in Vitamin D and preventative of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. This vegetable really is a fun guy. springmushrooms-400x266 These seasonal veggies are sure to help clean out your system, and taste delicious while doing it. Eating clean is always in season.    

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