8 Stages Everyone Goes Through During a Breakup (with GIFS!)

Step away from your ex's Facebook and read this instead!

Stage 1:

You grab some chocolate (or ice cream, wine, whatever), and station yourself under the covers to watch every chick flick you own—and cry about all those totally unrealistic happy endings.

Stage 2:

You invite your friends over so they can help you bash your ex. ("He didn’t like cheese! Who doesn’t like cheese?!"

Stage: 3

You change your relationship status on Facebook from "In a Relationship" to "Single" but continue to stalk your ex on all forms of social media—which leads you to believe he's already dating that girl he just friended an hour ago. Because what else could it mean?!

Stage 4:

You vow that you will never even look at another man again.

Stage 5:

Your friends manage to convince you to head out with them to a bar. You’re feeling free, alive, and probably a little too up for anything.

Stage 6:

You end the night with a (possible ill-advised) rebound hookup.

Stage 7:

But over the next few weeks, you clock some much-needed girl time, and you start feeling pretty damn good about yourself.

Stage: 8

And then, one day, you wake up and realize you're totally going to be OK. Of course, all jokes aside, some methods for getting over a sucky breakup are better for you than others. All GIFs via giphy.com Source: Women's Health

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