8 Sucessful Secrets to Eating Your Way Thin

  1. Out of Sight, out of Mind Keep the unhealthy foods out of sight and you won’t think about them. Instead place fruits, vegetables and healthy snack choices in plain sight so that if you do get a craving for sweets the first thing you will see is a delicious, glowing, crunchy, all-natural fruit staring back at you wanting to be eaten. You don’t want your vegetables in the bottom drawers of your fridge so place them in full sight so that when you open the fridge for ideas as to what to cook or eat they are the first thing that come to mind.
  2. Be Prepared and Plan Ahead Plan your meals a week in advance. My Husband and I started planning our weekly meals together on Friday or Saturday night we’ll start writing what we want to eat the next week make a shopping list and buy only what’s on the list. We used to go to the grocery store sometimes and see this and that and start saying ‘we could make this tonight’ and ‘this looks good lets get it’ or ‘this is on sale’. So, that was it! We’d end up having to throw half of it away because we’d buy more than we needed. Making a list also keeps you from buying foods that you don’t want in the house. You go to the store and if all of a sudden there is that loaf of bread you feel like purchasing for sandwiches this week, well if it’s not on the menu then you don’t purchase it. Put it on the menu next week and make sandwiches then. If I buy a pineapple I chop it up, put it in a container before putting it in the fridge so that when we are hungry we can easily serve ourselves a portion of Pineapple vs. having to get it out, cut it up, & serve it might be too much work when hunger strikes; at that point if you don't have the pineapple cut & ready you'll probably end up grabbing some crackers. Be Prepared!
  3. Fill up on Greens Sometimes you feel like having a piece of pizza or pasta, but you know that the portion size you served yourself won’t fill you up. Well, don’t go in for more instead make yourself a nice salad with olive oil and lemon and fill up on that. Or if you are at a restaurant then order a nice salad with the dressing on the side and dress yourself. If you prefer cooked veggies then those are wonderful as well. Try to get your greens in with every meal, no need to put them off they are high in fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and low in calories and fat. Eat them!
  4. Read the Nutritional Labels, Not just the Label Just because the package says healthy doesn’t mean that the contents really are. Say you are buying almonds and would like a little flavor. I always opt for dry roasted and lightly salted. That’s all it says on the Nutritional label: Dry Roasted Almonds and Sea Salt. The others say roasted and salted but they are roasted with all types of oils and have too much salt or all these preservatives that I can’t even spell or pronounce. Don’t trust the labels! Read the contents and nutritional labels. My husband loves his tortilla chips and I have found by reading the ingredients content that some are just corn, oil and salt whereas others that claim to be healthy organic and blah, blah, have a lot more ingredients. So, I just read the Nutritional labels and get what has less and more natural ingredients. If I see something that I think is good for you and then it has a nutritional label that is longer than this post then I don’t buy it. How long is my body going to take to process each ingredient? Less is more in this case.
  5. Don’t Starve & then Binge Starving will only make you lose mass & without mass you get skinny fat, which means that if you binge you gain weight and if you gain weight without muscle mass you look bloated and soft, no definition and you retain a lot more fluids. If you do eat a cake for dessert, don’t worry. No one got FAT off one meal. Just like no one got SKINNY from one meal. It’s a lot harder than that. Move on! We all have a bad day or cheat meal. Don’t punish yourself by starving then feeling so hungry you literally eat up the whole fridge, cupboard and whatever else is in the house. Then you feel bad & do it all over again. It takes determination! Live a healthy lifestyle and try to go for walk or get some exercise these are the only ways you are going to get rewarded for the hard work you are putting into your life. It might be a slower process but its long lasting. Believe you me. Don’t Starve or Binge.
  6. Set yourself up for success Don’t buy a bag of chips if you know that you can’t control yourself around them. Don’t spend money on failure. Why are you going to buy the bag of chips just in case you start craving them you have them around? The store doesn’t go anywhere, so leave them at the store and if you get a real bad craving for them and really, really want them at 10 o’clock at night get dressed, get out of your comfy clothes and go to the store to buy them, make it to where failure is harder to achieve not right there in your cupboard. Set yourself up so that what you have in your house is healthy. Drink a cup of warm tea before bed and you’ll feel full in no time and go to bed feeling lightly satisfied.
  7. Get Rid Of Guilt Naturally thin people don’t beat themselves up for eating something they shouldn’t have – in fact, there are no forbidden foods. Eat what you want, but don’t overdo it. If you do eat something you consider to be more fattening or unhealthy than your normal healthy food choices, don’t obsess over it for days. Don’t beat yourself up for eating it, and don’t jump to conclusions like you are out of control and you can’t be trusted to make wise decisions. Simply accept that you ate that food, and move on. No regrets, no guilt. How freeing would it feel to adopt this habit in your life? Give it a try and notice how much better it feels to not have to carry such a heavy burden of guilt on your shoulders all the time.
  8. Find What Works For YOU! The last Thin Secret is to eat what works for your body type. Listen to your body, some can stomach grapefruit, some can’t. Some can stomach soy milk, others can’t. Some eat dairy, others don’t. Some eat beans, others don’t. You have to listen to your body and know what makes you feel good, energized and glowing, some foods bloat certain people and others don’t so you really have to learn to listen to your body and notice what is working for you in that moment. With this being said, we can all agree that too much sugar, junk food, sodas or artificial stuff doesn’t work great for anyone.
love-your-body-and-be-healthy These are just some personal habits that I find to work for me and many healthy people like myself out there.  Healthy Thin people don’t have to worry about what they eat, because they know themselves well and don’t feel controlled by food. Stop Dieting. Start living. Enjoy your life it’s gorgeous and too much negativity will cause more bad things to your body than you actually know. Mind over Matter. Let’s make healthy choices and live a happy, strong, sexy life! What choices are you making and what is your thin secret? Click here to check out our 14-Day Nutrition Guide & get the most out of your workouts! eatclean

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