8 Things Every Runner Is Tired Of Hearing

One of the most fabulous things about being a runner is being part of a running community. Runners tend to accumulate other like-minded running friends. Those people who get it, those people who understand how hard you push and how worth it it all is. Unfortunately, there are also people out there who don't get it at all. Like, not even a little. If you are a regular runner, here are 8 things you may be sick and tired of hearing!

1. "How did your race go this weekend? Did you win?"

Non-runners have no idea that 99.9% of the time, running a race isn't about winning. It is about running a personal best. It is about setting a new goal and surpassing it. It can also be about having fun.

2. "I hate running. It is so boring!"

This is a common misconception. When you are running, you can listen to music or a podcast, get lost in your thoughts, chat with your running mates, keep your eye out for cute fellow runners, count your steps, and high-five strangers. How can that possibly be boring?

3. "That race cost how much?"

We already know it cost too much, you don't have to tell us! But hey, at least we got a cool t-shirt. inpost

4. "Running is bad for your knees."

This is another common statement. And yes, sometimes it is true that runners have sore knees. But stretching and foam rolling makes light work of that problem!

5. "What do you mean you can't go out Friday night?"

When you have a 6am Saturday run, your Friday nights are jam packed. You've got to curate your playlist, charge your watch, eat some pasta and hit the hay around 8pm. There isn't time to go out and party! [bctt tweet="8 Things Every Runner Is Tired Of Hearing"]

6. "But wouldn't you rather sleep in?"

Who wouldn't? But have you ever seen the sunrise while the world is waking all around you? It is the most unbelievable thing on the planet.

7. "Have you gone for a run today?"

Not yet.

8. "How many marathons have you done?"

Maybe the answer is dozens, maybe it is none. Marathons do not make you a runner. Getting up, lacing your shoes and pounding the pavement, makes you a runner. Are you a runner? What are you tired of hearing? Source: SELF

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