8 Things You Should NEVER Wear to the Gym

In light of the recent post about Planet Fitness' dress code, I thought it would be nice to talk about things that you REALLY shouldn't wear to the gym. This article is to help you avoid embarrassment, discomfort, or even wardrobe malfunctions. NEVER wear any of these to the gym: 1. 100% cotton clothing tips_to_stop_sweaty_armpits_9uwkd Although cotton might seem like the perfect option for gym wear, it is actually your worst enemy! Cotton is cool and comfortable, but it also absorbs moisture and takes ages to dry, meaning that your sweat will drench your clothing and it will basically hang from you. Aside from weighing you down, damp cotton clothes can also cause chills and skin irritation, and can even increase friction in chafe-prone areas. 2. A regular bra championshowoff500x310 Plenty of women think that working out in their regular bra is fine, however, not only can it be incredibly uncomfortable (even painful), but a regular bra doesn't provide you with the support you need when exercising. A properly fitting sports bra is an absolute must for the gym as a sports bra actually protects the ligaments and tissues in your chest from excessive stretching or stress so you can push yourself without worrying. 3. Jewellery mr-t Jewellery is not only unnecessary at the gym, it's potentially unsafe. It's easy to catch rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in machines (or even on your own clothing), and this could result in a nasty accident. Working out is bad for your jewellery too as it could get damaged. So leave it at home, or in a locker (but only if it's totally safe). 4. Large amounts of makeup 21932662e974efe5027ba4fef1199d9f Wearing excessive amounts of makeup to the gym is a crazy idea because it will all end up running down your face once you begin to sweat. If your idea is to catch someone's eye then this isn't the best route to take as they will just think: a) you're trying too hard as, let's face it, it's obvious when someone is wearing too much makeup at the gym, and b) why does that person have weird streaks pouring down their face? I'm not saying you have to go completely makeup-free at the gym, but don't cake it on. You'll only end up wiping it off ten minutes into your workout. If you still look pretty at the end of your workout, you're not working hard enough! 5. Clothing that's too tight 444fd9032721f39ff9a2e42af92d53c7 Wearing clothing that is too tight will not only restrict your movement, but it is also possibly the most unflattering thing to wear while working out. 6. Lotions gym8 Obviously nobody wants dry skin, but try not to apply lotions before a gym session as the chances are that, as you sweat, the lotion will transfer onto the machinery or weights you are using. This will obviously make it slippery for you to handle, and will also be quite unpleasant for the person who uses the equipment after you. Lotion + sweat = a slippery mess, so just avoid it anywhere near the gym. 7. Casual footwear go-con Slip on pumps or Converse may look great, but they really aren't appropriate for the gym. Not only is there a chance that they could get ruined by scuffing against workout equipment (and nobody wants to ruin their favourite footwear), but they also don't support your feet as much as you need them to. Non-specific running/workout shoes don't typically have any arch support; therefore they don't promote the correct alignment during exercise. This can cause foot and knee issues long-term, so invest in a good pair of trainers now. 8. Loose shorts with no underwear The-Inner_Outer-Thigh-Machine If you are wearing loose shorts while sitting on the inner/outer thigh machine people can usually see what's underneath your shorts and, god forbid, if you're not wearing any underwear, it's likely that other gym users will get more than they were told their membership included! If you're going to wear loose shorts then ALWAYS wear something underneath. For more articles like this, please follow my blog   Sources: https://www.fitzness.com/blog/what-you-must-wear-and-should-never-wear-to-the-gym/ http://www.fitbie.com/get-fit/tips/worst-workout-clothes/ http://news.health.com/2014/05/02/5-things-you-should-never-wear-to-the-gym/

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