8 Things Taught In Couple's Therapy That Can Save Your Relationship

No relationship is perfect. Even great companionships have their problems. But learning how to fix the tiny holes that threaten to uncouple you can be extremely valuable. Here are 8 lessons taught in couple's therapy which can help improve your relationship drastically, no matter what your issues may be: #1 Good Decisions Don't Happen When You're Angry Taking a 20-minute breather to rationalize your emotions helps you have more productive communication and less fighting. #2 Exercise Can Aid Discussions Having trouble working out a big, life-altering problem with your partner? Go for a workout together. Hiking, biking or going for a swim can relieve anxiety and improve mental clarity. #3 You Are Equals Don't play the game of deciding who works harder in your partnership. Whether you stay home with the kids or work 8 hour days at the office, both of you are busting your butts for the betterment of your lives. #4 Put Your Partner First Make your significant other feel appreciated, as they should be doing for you. Give them a back rub after a hard day, or bring them flowers just because. #5 Be Open About What Goes On In The Bedroom Communicate about your intimate life and always be open to new ways to make it enjoyable for you and your partner. Good lovemaking increases your intimacy and should be a priority. relationship #6 Learn What Is Damaging Your Bond For some of us, we carry shame or resentment from a past relationship or experience that can translate into our present one. Opening up about these hurts can be the first step to healing them. #7 Do A Project Together Paint a room, build a shed or clean the garage. Projects encourage you to work as a team and problem solve, which is healthy and solidifies your bond. #8 Work On Yourself If you know your anxiety is hurting your relationship, or your lack of trust is turning your partner away, make an effort to improve things. Healing yourself will help heal your relationship. Do you agree with these points? What is your top relationship advice? Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_101621" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode code @BodyRockTV[/caption]    

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