8 Times Gisele Bundchen Was Our Ultimate #Fitspiration!

The former catwalk queen and busy mother of two has a highly sought-after frame. Here are 8 times the Brazilian beauty Gisele motivated us to get out and get fit! #1 Lawn Leg Lifts! gisele bundchen Showing off her long lean legs and looking majestic as hell! #2 Ab-Tastic! supermodel victoria secret Those legs! Those tight and toned abs! Is she just too good to be true? #3 Sun Salutation yoga model Gisele greets the breathtaking desert with a go-to yogi move! #4 Beach Bum beach body fitness A casual headstand on the beach in perfect form. #5 Air-Born Baby! yoga kids baby Balancing little Vivian on her feet, Gisele performs some aerobatics by sunset. #6 Hitting The Trails running benefits fitness Blending into the scenery, Gisele hits the trails for a run on a beautiful fall day. #7 Fit Friends! working out with friends Having fun with your friends doesn't just mean coffee dates and shopping! #8 Airplane Mode yoga instrutor Gisele has a little fun while staying in perfect form with her yoga instructor! Who is your #fitspiration? Tag them in this post!

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