8 Tips to Keep You From Falling Off the Wagon

We all do our best to eat clean, healthy meals every day, but it isn't always easy. Many things will get in the way and you will find yourself reaching for the chocolate before you even realize you're in the kitchen! Here are 8 ways to make healthy eating easier: 1. Stick a motivational picture on your fridge door april 2012 127 Stick a past picture of yourself looking amazing in a bikini, or someone whose body you aspire to, onto your fridge door, and every time you go to open the fridge you will be greeted by that picture. It's a sure fire way to deter yourself from reaching for something that isn't in your healthy eating plan. Alternatively, you could stick a meaningful message to the fridge door to support you on your path. 2. Don't stock "bad" food in the house article-2127717-00649EEF00000258-121_468x518 An even better way to stop yourself from grabbing a chocolate bar or bag of Doritos is to not keep it in the house at all. You immediately lower the risk of temptation by knowing that there is no "bad" food in your house for you to pick at; your only options are healthy choices. If other people in your family aren't following the same path as you then this may prove difficult though. 3. Take a list with you when you go food shopping...and never go when you're hungry shopping-list Preparing a list for your food shopping will not only make you less likely to pick up foods that you shouldn't have, but it will also make your shopping cheaper because you will only be buying what you actually need to make your meals for that week. Sticking to your list will deter you from wandering down the sweet aisles too. Never go food shopping when you are hungry though; this is just a recipe for disaster! 4. Plan your meals for the week IMG_2639 By planning your meals for the week ahead you reduce the chance of deciding last minute to throw something that's not included on your healthy eating plan in the oven. We all have busy schedules and planning ahead is something that can take the stress out of meal preparation. Simply list the meals you are going to have for that week and refer back to the list daily. You can even prepare the meals at the beginning of the week and store them in the freezer to make mealtimes even easier. 5. Always have healthy snacks in your bag fridge snacks One of the main times we are all guilty of craving something we know we shouldn't is when we are out and hungry. It just seems so much easier to buy a bag of crisps than to find somewhere that sells something that's good for you, but if you have healthy snacks in your bag then you will never have to feel this way again. Some great snack ideas are nuts, chopped up fruit or vegetables, or protein bars. Keep a supply in your bag and it will keep hunger at bay until you get home to your clean and healthy meal. 6. Drink more water bb21d8b51e7d3a8c6b6d9b036732b9ee Many of us snack because we think we are hungry, when what we are actually feeling is thirst. Make a point of drinking more water every day and you will find yourself feeling less inclined to pick at snacks in between meals. See my recent post on how dehydration may be stopping you from losing weight. 7. Set realistic goals it-takes-4-weeks-for-you-to-notice-your-weight-loss-tile_thumb2 Losing weight takes time; you didn't put the weight on in one week, so you aren't going to lose it all in one week. By setting yourself unrealistic goals you are effectively setting yourself up to fail; and when you fail to reach those targets you are likely to reach for the nearest ice cream tub to drown your sorrows. Prevent this by setting realistic, achievable goals. 8. Don't beat yourself up cd61cffd5d1ebed394dcbedcd4082ee8 If you do happen to fall off the wagon, don't beat yourself up about it. Nobody can be expected to be perfect! If you miss some workouts or eat some things you perhaps shouldn't have, just get straight back into your fitness and clean eating routine as though it never happened. Move on from it and pick up where you left off. If you already follow these tips, but are still struggling to get the results you desire, check out my recent post on why you're not losing weight.  

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