8 Totally Awkward Gym Encounters We've All Experienced (with Gifs!)

The gym is a magical place where you know that everyone there is working towards a common goal: to feel better about themselves and get fit/healthy! Isn't that such a lovely thought? However - we don't always get to experience the unicorns and rainbows of gym life. In fact, sometimes we've had some down-right awkward encounters (thank god for home workouts!)

Accidentally Making Eye Contact with Someone While Using a Semi-Sexual Machine (like a hip abductor)

Oh. hi. Yes. My legs are very spread and I could crush your head between my thighs. This is strange. Not sexual at all...

Going to Use a Piece of Equipment - Just As Someone Else Does

Then the awkward insisting ensues from both parties.

When "the Grunter" Catches Your Disapproving Look

"Damn you silent judgement face. You always give me away!"

Leaving Your Butt Sweat Mark on the Bench - and Someone Sees It Before You Can Wipe It Up

Ugh. Why didn't you pay for the towel premium?! This could have been avoided....

The Person With the Worst B.O. - Ever

You can't breathe - but they're right next to you. HOW DO YOU WORKOUT WITHOUT BREATHING?!

Aaaaaaaand.....Realizing That the Horrible B.O. Is Actually You

Welp. That's embarrassing.

Spilling Water On Yourself Instead of Drinking It

I meant to do that.

Achieving Suspicious Looking Sweat Marks

It's crotch sweat. I didn't pee. I swear.

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