8 Tricks To Stop Overeating

Does your body only put the brakes on food once you can't seem to force another bite down - then you do anyway because it's so delicious? Does the word "full" generally mean "stuffed" for you? You're not alone. More often than not, people continue to eat even after your body has given you signs of the red light.  Try these 8 tricks and before you know it, overeating is going to be overrated in no time.

8 Tricks To Stop Overeating

1. Chew more slowly.

 Slowing down the entire process actually allows you to pay more attention to how much you’re consuming. Not to mention, you can savour each bite and enjoy the flavours of your meal better.

2. Eat foods loaded with fibre, protein and healthy fats

They will keep you fuller for longer!

3. Drink lots of water.

A lot of the time we mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating a ton to make up for dehydration. Next time you're "hungry", try some water first. 

4. Stop eating when you feel full.

This is one of the hardest (although simple in theory), but the next time you feel full, just put down your fork.

5. Use small or medium sized plates to manage portions

For some of us, quantity is everything. This will trick your brain in to thinking you have a plate full of food when you're actually controlling your portions.

6. Serve food straight from the pan to the plate 

By removing serving plates at the table you remove the temptation to have more helpings.

7. Cut your food into smaller pieces.

This is another way to trick your mind into thinking you are consuming more.

8. Get enough rest.

You should be getting between seven to nine hours sleep a night as any less will cause you to eat more. Insufficient sleep will lower levels of leptin and increase ghrelin levels in our body. Leptin is the hormone which tells us when we are full whilst ghrelin is the hormone that signals the body to eat.


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