8 Week Total Body Challenge Weeks 5-8

The final 4 weeks of my 8 Week Total Body Challenge are here! Did you catch the first four? If not, start with those here! For the first four weeks, you completed several REP style workouts on each day. For the next four weeks, you will have different workouts on each day ranging from: 1) 10 minute timed HIIT workouts 50/10, shooting for 1-3 rounds depending on fitness level 2) 2 days of Tabata style workouts 20/10, where you can add these to your current workout, after 15 minutes of cardio, or on their own, recovering at least 2 minutes between EACH Tabata. 3) AMRAP (As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible) where you will have a set program and either set your timers for 30 minutes and try and get thru as many reps as possible, or even shoot for 3 rounds and see how long that takes you. I have included below REAL TIME workouts for EACH day. Sunday is your REST or MAKE UP day. Should you need another rest day during the week, take it. This program is designed so you can build up your strength and stamina. These next 4 weeks are a chance for you to also increase the weight you use during your workouts. I want you to experiment and use HEAVIER weights here. Don't RUSH through the workouts, take your time and keep your form spot on. For me, the most challenging workout was the AMRAP day, or Wednesday's workout. I used HEAVY weight for that and the rep range is a lot higher. The first time I went through it, it took me about 16 minutes to complete ONE round. I only did 2 rounds that day. The second week, I completed 3 rounds and was able to get through one round in just under 15 minutes. I started off the first round with the heaviest weight and then gradually decreased my weight for rounds 2-3. Make sure before EACH DAY, you do a 2-5 minute warm up before the real time workout and stretch appropriately before as well, AFTER your short warm up. I usually will skip rope for 2-5 minutes before and then stretch for a few minutes and then begin my workout. Below you will find the real time workout for each day along with the program set! Get to work and enjoy it! Challenge yourself with the weight you use and don't be afraid to go heavier.


  Set your timers for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 rounds (1x thru) or 20 rounds 2x thru etc. Beginners 1-2x thru, Intermediate-Advanced 2-3x thru. 1) Rocket Launchers 2) Alternate Step With Press DBs 3) Rocket Launchers 4) 1 Leg 2 Arm Row w/ Tricep Ext. (switch leg 1/2 way) 5) Rocket Launchers 6) Clean and Press 7) Rocket Launchers 8) Plank Row with In/Out Abs 9) Rocket Launchers 10) Decline Knee to Elbow http://youtu.be/MAD4Ts1cdbs?list=UU9g081fUOvzk8wKnN9IXgJg


With today's workout, you will do 3 different Tabata style sets. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds for each. You can either: 1) Do all 3 Tabata style workouts, recovering 2 minutes between each, 2) Do your choice of cardio for 15 minutes or so, then add the Tabatas, OR 3) Add these 1-3 tabata(s) at the end of your current workout as a Burnout. With these Tabata's, you are working at your max for a short period of time (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds equalling 4 minutes). You are working on cardiovascular endurance and strength, at sprint like speed. You will torch calories and the benefits will be felt long after you finish your workout! BUT, for this to be effective, you MUST work at your MAX. If you can carry on a conversation while doing so, you are not working hard enough.  Below I go through all 3 Tabata's in real time with you! Tabata 1) Toe Taps + Spidermans Tabata 2) Jump Lunges + Push Up Shoulder tap Tabata 3) Power Squats + Reverse Push Ups http://youtu.be/EO53mIKwR2s?list=UU9g081fUOvzk8wKnN9IXgJg


This for me was the most challenging workout of the week. You want to use heavy weight here and/or keep a few different weights around so you can go up/down when needed. Here you are completing the below set of exercises and trying to get through it as many times as you can. If you have a couple options: 1) Set your timer for 30 minutes and get through it as many times as you can OR 2) Shoot for 2-3 rounds and see how long it takes. You this as a bench mark the next time. If you are a beginner, this rep set may be too high for you. You can decrease each exercise by 50% or even 75%, and still get in a great workout that will be challenging! Start somewhere and work your way up! AMRAP WEDNESDAY 200 Rope Skips OR High Knees 100 Mt. Climbers + Jack Legs (10 Mt. Climbers + 10 Jack legs 5xthru) 60 Weighted Squats with Alternating Reverse Lunges 50 Sandbag/Kettlebell Swings 40 Walking Lunges with Shoulder Press 30 Staggered Push Ups 20 Reverse Rows on Equalizer (Bent Over Rows or Pull Ups) 10 Burpees with Tuck Jump http://youtu.be/ANSkMT48eys


(SEE ABOVE FOR TABATA TUESDAY). You will complete the same workout on Thursday as you did on Tuesday (as prescribed in the challenge), OR use Thursday as a cardio of choice day if you'd like!
I LOVE HIIT work, BUT there are some days my body and my MIND just want to get out and hit the pavement for a good old fashioned run. I NEED those days. With all the HIIT I do, I get to running about 2 days a week if that, and love to just zone out and focus on nothing but getting a good sweat on and feeling great after. This is fine to substitute cardio here for Thursday's work.
Sometimes, I will ADD a Tabata at the end of my run. If you want more variety in your Tabata's, there are limitless possibilities. If you want to do 3 DIFFERENT Tabata's than you performed on Tuesday a few ideas are: 1) High Knee Sprints + Push Ups 2) Left Leg Step up on Bench/Chair with Shoulder Press (DBs) + Right Leg Step on Bench/Chair with Bicep Curl (DBs) 3) Jump Lunges + Bent Over Reverse Fly's (DB) I have done all the above on Tabata days and in between each, I would rest 2 minutes between each set. Here are two examples of Tabata's I actually added at the end of my 3 mile run this week. You would follow the same format, 20 second work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds, just as I did in Tuesday's Tabata video. 1) Jump Lunges + Pike Push Ups http://youtu.be/Av1gM2rfvYQ?list=UU9g081fUOvzk8wKnN9IXgJg 2) Sumo Jump squats + Inverted Rows on Bleacher bench (I was at the track!) http://youtu.be/qOeG_Vr0Gcw


Set your timers for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 rounds (1x thru) or 20 rounds 2x thru etc. Beginners 1-2x thru, Intermediate-Advanced 2-3x thru. 1) Push up + Jack Leg 2) Bulgarian Split Squat Left (DBs) 3) 4 Mt. Climbers + 1 Push Up 4) Bulgarian Split Squat Right (DBs) 5) Push Up + Jack Leg 6) Alternate Side Lunges (DBs) 7) 4 Mt. Climbers + 1 Push Up 8) Walking Lunges with Shoulder Press (DBs) 9) Push Up + Jack Leg 10) Deadlift with Reverse Fly (DBs)   http://youtu.be/quUPHm7R-3U


Set your timers for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 14 rounds (1x thru) or 28 rounds 2x thru etc. Beginners 1-2x thru, Intermediate-Advanced 2-3x thru. 1) Step Up/Knee up, Down, Reverse Lunge, Jump Switch 2) HIGH KNEES 3) Burpees 4) HIGH KNEES 5) Low Alternating Reverse Lunges 6) HIGH KNEES 7) Push Up + Plank Step Up on Bench 8) HIGH KNEES 9) Alternating Touch the Floor Pogo Stick 10) HIGH KNEES 11) 1 Pike Push Up + 1 Monkey Push Up 12) HIGH KNEES 13) Reverse Crunch + Knee Extension 14) HIGH KNEES   http://youtu.be/fmnnSLhtQ1k


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