8 Weight Loss Struggles Only A Foodie Will Understand

Some people eat to survive. They fuel their bodies for the day and their workouts and that is all there is to it. It is a practical activity that lends itself to survival. But those people are not all people. Some people, live their lives waiting for their next meal. Is a life where you can't eat rich, decadent meals 3 times a day really a life worth living? If you are someone who is constantly craving delicious diet disasters, you will be able to relate to the following points. If all you want to do is eat your favourite foods AND fit into your jeans, you are not alone!

1) When you are offered food that you want to gorge on but can't564b6961e829117112015175233

Whether it is a get together with friends or family or some office function, you know you can't allow yourself even one bite or you will be eating the entire plate and stopping for more on the way home. You say, "I'm fasting" and somehow people leave you alone.

2. You choose soups and salads over the food you want to be eating

2015-11-18-12-46-31_564c7327bf6a5 When you are hungry and forgot to bring your lunch, the real battle begins. You know what you should eat but wow, does that salad ever look limp and boring next to your friend's gourmet burger....

3. When walking past food trucks, you pretend to you can't see or smell

564b69620beb817112015175234 We all know where we can find them, those fancy trucks dishing out scrumptious street fare. Again, a battle ensues. You have two options, add several minutes to your journey by avoiding the area completely or trying to convince yourself that you can no longer see, or smell the offerings....

4. You are suddenly coming around to vegetables

564b696213cdf17112015175234 While you resisted them at first, you are learning that fruits, veggies and whole grains can actually be tasty! Shoot, veggies are even tasty when you don't cover them with butter and/or cheese. Who knew?

5. Birthdays and anniversaries make you feel like you have met your Waterloo

564b69621d8c517112015175234 You can do it, you can have one piece of cake and stop there. You are stronger than your love of food! Besides, it isn't like you can destroy years of tradition in the name of your diet, right?

6. "Is it worth it?" becomes your new mantra

564b696223bf117112015175234 Junk food becomes enemy number one. While nothing in this world tastes better than a super cheesy pizza or a massive burger, on a white bun with bacon and golden fries, you know you can't go there often. But you have to go there sometimes, right? I mean, bacon!

7. Why eat veggies at all, you can live on vitamin supplements, right?

564b696225b3a17112015175234 Sometimes, you feel like giving up. Why not eat what you want and get all the nutrients you need in pill form? You know it is ridiculous to even consider that as an option and yet, your desire for yummy goodness overrides all your sense.

8. You are the friend who counts calories at the table

2015-11-18-12-48-19_564c7393c5700 You may be doing the math in your head but sometimes, your calculations pass your lips which makes everyone look at you and say "calm down!" They are right, it isn't like one order of fries will kill you. The struggle is real! Do any of these points sound familiar to you? Source: That Scoop [caption id="attachment_118618" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockOfficial @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_118619" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption]    

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