8 Weight Loss Tips That Are A Waste Of Your Time

Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to lose weight, everyone has a miracle, go to, solution? The thing is, most of them don't actually work. Here are list of no fail solutions you should skip right on by so you can attain your amazing bod the healthy way!

1. Adopt A Gluten Free Diet

If you have a gluten intolerance, ignore me on this one. If you are going gluten free to lose weight, you'll likely be disappointed. Ever checked out the calorie count on some gluten free products? Yeah, I don't need to say more.

2. Skip Meals

Skipping meals may actually increase belly fat. It is better to spread your meals and caloric intake over the course of the day so you can keep your insulin levels steady and your metabolism functioning properly.

3. Cut out all "unhealthy" foods

It is wise to limit your intake of unhealthy foods but going all crazy restrictive is likely to work against you. You will probably feel deprived which can lead to binge eating. Unless ordered by a medical professional, cutting out entire food groups is just not a sustainable way to diet.

4. Drink lots and lots of juice

Drink your green juice for a snack but remember that going on an all liquid diet can deprive your body of essential nutrients.

5. Cook all your meals

Remember, you need to make sure your diet is sustainable. So, cooking your meals at home provides you with more control of ingredients but depending on your lifestyle, it may not be reasonable to rely on this trick alone. You will eventually need to dine out.

6. Only indulge on cheat days

Have a cheat meal instead of a cheat day. It prevents you from eating an entire week's worth of indulgences in one day. If you allow yourself to give in once in a while, you'll be less likely to snap completely .

7. Eat low fat versions of food

DO NOT let fancy looking, healthy sounding packaging prevent you from reading nutrition labels and ingredient lists. Their products are often loaded with sugar.

8. Follow popular diet plans

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You should be aiming for something realistic and sustainable. Basically, at the end of the day, you need to find what is going to work for you and what can work long term. What sorts of things have you done for weight loss? What failed and what worked for you?    

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