8 Weird Changes Our Breasts Go Through That Are Totally Normal

Breast health is important, and it is essential to note every symptom or weird change that your boobs exhibit. However, most of the time, these odd occurrences are completely normal and nothing to panic over. A lot happens in the female body that causes our hormones to go haywire -- and our breasts react accordingly. Here are 8 examples of weird changes we'll all experience one time or another! changes our breasts go through

#1 Breast Pain After Workout

It's kind of alarming to notice your breasts hurting after you hit the gym, but they are made up of highly sensitive tissues that can react to strenuous workouts. It is nothing to fear! [bctt tweet="8 Weird Changes Our Breasts Go Through That Are Totally Normal"]

#2 A Changing Cup Size

There are two factors that contribute to breast size: a) genetics and b) your weight. Genetics is something we can not change as it dictates our predisposed size. Though weight is something that may be changing, and that is why your breasts are increasing or decreasing. Check the scale to find out if this is the case!

#3 Nipple Leakage

Are you experiencing nipple leakage even though you're not a new mom? Sometimes, especially during mammograms, your breasts can be squeezed so hard that milk comes out. This isn't a red flag unless you find blood or a strange colour of fluid leaking from your nipple. If so, contact your doctor.

#4 Uneven Breasts

Your left breast is normally bigger than your right, even by a small amount. Every woman has slightly uneven breasts, and rarely do dudes notice.

#5 Sagging Breasts

Your breasts may sag on the first day of your period. It is not proven as to why this is, but it is very common among women.

#6 Tenderness and Lumps

Your breasts can feel sore and sensitive to touch at any point in your cycle, but this prominently occurs around the time of your period. Lumpiness can also become present. However, if it persists and becomes a concern, talk to your doctor.

#7 Hair On Your Breasts

Got a few strands growing where you wish they wouldn't? This happens to many women and is by no means a health concern. Simply pluck or trim those pesky hairs!

#8 Changes During S*x

When you get aroused, many changes happen to your breasts. They can become firm and slightly swollen. Your veins may become more visible, your nipples may become stiff and even expand! This is part of responding to pleasure and is 100% natural. So relax and enjoy. What are your weird breast concerns? Share your thoughts with us! Source: I Diva  

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