8 Workout Tips for Busy Moms

Life sure doesn't slow down after you have kids and if you are a working mom, the demands of life make it feel like there aren't enough hours in the day!!  I totally get it...we just added potty training to the mix!  Been there, done that, and still doing it...but finding time to do something that you enjoy is a must!  As crazy as it sounds, I think my workouts keep me sane....how many moms can attest to that?!  If you are sick of letting the excuses pile up and are ready to make a change, here are ten tips to get you moving : 1.  If time is an issue, schedule your workout similar to the way you would any other important meeting.  Having it in writing might keep you accountable - remember bosses don't cancel, so as the boss of your workout, stick to it! 2.  As unpleasant as this may sound, wake up early (maybe while it is still dark outside) and get your workout done first thing in the morning.  It can be hard to get out of your cozy bed during the winter, but getting in this routine can really have a positive impact on your whole day!  And if the day becomes unpredictable, at least you got your workout done! 3.  Take care of yourself first.  You are not selfish for wanting to start exercising.  Staying fit and healthy is important and has a positive influence on your little ones. 4.  Nap time is you time.  If you are a stay at home mom, nap time is something to look forward to, because you tend to be able to get a lot more done while your little one counts sheep.  Take advantage of this - there are so many great workouts to be done in the comfort of your own home! 5.  Workout with your children - you could literally hold them for squats.  Keep your family active by going on walks, playing at the park, or riding bike - not only are you staying active, you are spending quality time together! 6.  Allow yourself enough time for the activity you want to do - this relates to planning ahead, so knowing the duration of the workout you plan to do in advance, will allow you enough time to finish satisfied.  If you are working out to an online workout or DVD, cue it up or have it ready, so you know when you start, it is GO time! 7.  Do a HIIT workout - you might be surprised by the results you can achieve in as little as 12 minutes. 8.  Appreciate yourself.  Motherhood isn't easy and our bodies take the toll of this as a result.  Love your body for all that it is, all that it has done, and all that it is becoming.   Find great workouts you can do at home here.

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