9 Feelings Women Have During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

I am sure we have all had at least one of these feelings before. 1. When someone asks you how do you feel. anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1   2. When your husband tries to have sex with you. anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1   3. When someone mentions your weight gain. 0 4. What a usual night's rest feels like. anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1  5. When someone asks if you are expecting twins. anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1  6. When someone points out how big your belly has gotten in the last month. anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1     7. When someone touches your belly without asking. tumblr_inline_mk1ellHNvu1qz4rgp   8. When you dropped something you desperately needed. 0   9. When someone asks you when you are due. anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1   For everything mommy and fitness related, click the image below: URLSmall

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