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9 Fruits That Cause You To Blow Up Like A Balloon!

It is easy to think that just because it is fruit means that it is automatically healthy and you can eat as much as you want! Well, here are 9 different types of fruit that can cause you to feel bloated after eating them!  Here are the fruits to look out for and how to eat them without getting that bloated feeling. 1) Apples While the green apples are packed with antioxidants they are also high in sugars. These sugars are hard on your body and if they aren't absorbed properly in to you system they can create gas that makes you feel bloated. Next time try eating half an apple and eat it slowly! Making sure you chew each piece well will help your body digest all of the sugars. 2) Pears This fruit is a wonderful source of soluble fiber, which aids in lowering cholesterol but it also is full of sorbitol, a natural sugar that, again, can cause a gassy bloated feeling. For some people all it takes is a little bit of this sugar to blow up like a balloon! 3) Cherries, Grapes, Mangos and Pineapples Once again, what do these tasty snacks have a lot of? If you were going to say sugar, you'd be right! Just like apples and pears, if all of the sugar is not absorbed into the small intestine, it moves to the large intestine it creates that uncomfortable feeling. 4) Dried Apricots, Raisins and Prunes This is the double edge sword. While these dried out fruit help with number 2, they are a concentrated source of sugar and fiber. To fix the problem of that unprocessed sugars, drink lots of water when you are eating these tasty snacks! Do you find this happens to you? What other foods give you that bloated feeling?


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