9 Habits That Couples In Healthy Relationships NEVER Practice

The best way to create a long-lasting, healthy relationship is to banish bad habits! Even little behaviours can negatively impact your bond and indirectly hurt your partner. Here are 9 things that healthy, happy couples will never do in their relationships: love happiness relationship #1 Bring Up Old Fights Harping on the past is counterproductive. It's important to deal with fights in the moment and settle them. Holding onto what your partner said 5 months ago is damaging to both of you, and will not allow you to move forward. #2 Give Fake Apologies Saying things like, "I'm sorry but..." is not giving a sincere apology. This will only fan the flames of a fight and not actually put the conflict to rest. Apologize when you are ready to fully say that you are sorry without blaming your partner for whatever they may have done. #3 Put The Blame On Your Partner For A Bad Day If you had a rough time at the office, or a horrible commute home, it can put you in a bad mood. But taking out your issues on your partner will create a more toxic situation and cause unnecessary fighting. Venting to your partner is healthy, but starting drama with them because of your own issues is not. #4 Hold Personal Things Against Your Partner Your partner should feel confident enough to share their insecurities, anxieties and past experiences with you. You should never bring up something they have shared with you in a way that paints a negative picture of them, or they will have a hard time being able to trust you. #5 Share Negative Posts Online About Your Partner This is something that we see far too often in today's digital age. Airing your dirty laundry on social media damages your entire relationship. You don't want your colleagues, friends and Great Aunt Betty knowing how mad you are about your partner forgetting to clean the gutters, do you? #6 Rant To Others About Your Partner If you have a real pressing issue with your partner, confiding in a close friend is fine. But complaining about your partner to people you aren't as tight with is just disrespectful to your relationship. Especially if what you are complaining about isn't even that serious. #7 Make Your World Revolve Around Your Partner You are building your lives together, but you need to maintain a life outside of your relationship. Even going out for a drink with friends on a Saturday night without constant texts or calls to or from your partner is helping to solidify your independence outside of your bond. #8 Withhold Apologies One of the hardest things to do is admit when we're wrong, but it's vital to a healthy relationship. Put pride aside and say "I'm sorry" when you are genuinely in the wrong. Once you start practicing apologizing, it will become easier. #9 Withhold Forgiveness This can be even more difficult than apologizing because it means that you can't hold whatever your partner did wrong over their head. But if you truly want to move on from their mistakes, you have to learn to forgive. If it's something that you simply can not forgive, you have to evaluate your relationship as a whole. What are your thoughts? What makes your relationship healthy and strong? Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110622" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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