9 Health Foods That Are Ridiculously Over Priced

There is a reason people refer to the upscale "Whole Foods" chain as "Whole Pay check" As grocery stores increasingly push whole & organic "premium" foods, its tough to keep track of which ones are worth your hard earned dollars. Here are the top 9 grocery foods that are shockingly overpriced:

1. Steel-cut Oats

A can of oats costs $8 and takes 20-minutes to prepare. However, a canister of Quaker Oats is half the cost, takes 2-minutes to cook and has 150 calories plus 4 grams of fiber. steal cut oats

2. Low-carb Bread

Your best option is to pick up a loaf of whole-grain bread instead of paying a fortune for low-carb bread (prices topping out at $7 to $8 per loaf). whole-grain bread

3. Fresh Berries

Fresh berries have high nutritional value. Berries also posses polyphenols - which help prevent fat from forming. You can still receive the same nutritional value from buying frozen berries which are year round (and cost way less). fresh berries

4. Turkey Burgers

Despite the "healthy" marketing, Turkey burgers are not better than beef burgers. Turkey burgers can have as much fat and a bit less protein than beef based burgers. Watch out for store-bought ground turkey. It can contain dark meat which boosts the fat content up by 20%! In this case we suggest splurging a little more on grass-fed beef which contains omega-3 acids. turkey burgers

5. Pomegranate Juice

Before you think about purchasing another bottle of pomegranate juice, make sure you listen up! Pomegranate juice is full of sugar and costs up to $5 a bottle. You can still receive the same amount of antioxidants and more fiber just by eating the fruit. pomegranate juice

6. Superfood Powders

Superfood powders such as Chlorella and camu camu that claim to be packed with nutrients are usually priced at $30 (or more). You are better off indulging in Chinese cabbage, spinach and chard that help burn belly fat. super food powders

7. Almond Milk

Instead of picking up a $4.50 carton of almond milk that contains next to no protein, try picking up a package of almonds for a fat-burning snack. almond milk

8. Whey Protein

Whey protein is known as the go-to supplement for muscle building and can run upwards of $30 a canister for two dozen servings. Consider getting your protein from other sources like eggs or a medium-sized chicken breast - it's real food and at a much better price point. whey protein

9. "Light" Olive Oil

Don't be fooled by the word "light". This type of olive oil contains a mixture of different oils and contains about the same amount of fat as extra-virgin olive oil. "Light" is mostly a marketing device that masks the premium price attached to food products. light olive oil Next time you hit up the grocery store, consider other options that are worth your time, money and value. What "health foods" do you think are the biggest rip off?

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