9 Healthy Foods That Won't Break The Bank

One of the main concerns people have when making the switch from unhealthy to healthy food is the cost - processed food is so much cheaper unfortunately. It's incredibly irritating that eating healthy costs more than stuffing yourself with ready meals, but these foods are all healthy and won't break the bank. 1. Eggs
Eggs are one of the staples of my diet - I admit I'm a little addicted. They're packed with protein and quick and easy to prepare - however you like them. They fill you up and help to build lean muscle. 2. Bananas Bananas are great for boosting energy and filling you up between meals, and because they're totally portable you can take them anywhere to snack on. 3. Bell peppers Bell peppers can make any bland meal instantly look - and taste - much better. They're low in calories and packed with nutritional benefits - perfect! 4. Tuna Canned tuna is really affordable -- much cheaper than fresh fish, and great for mixing into salads. It's high in lean protein and contains barely any fat - but try to select tuna canned in water for the healthiest version. 5. 0% fat Greek yoghurt Some Greek yoghurts are expensive, but there are a number of great brands which are affordable and taste delicious! I eat Greek yoghurt as my treats as it's high in protein and is a great alternative to things like ice cream or whipped cream - team some with berries and you've got a refreshing summer treat. 6. Romaine lettuce Romaine lettuce is great for just about anything - it can obviously be chopped and included in a salad, or placed as the 'bed' for your meal, or even used as a replacement for wheat wraps when making fajita style meals. It's great for heart health and promotes healthy digestion. 7. Porridge oats Porridge is a great breakfast because it fills you up, and you can often buy a large amount of oats for a low price. They contain beta-glucans, which are carbohydrates that help your body to burn fat, rather than store it - a great way to start the day! 8. Carrots Carrots are obviously an affordable addition to your evening meal, but they're also great chopped as a snack to take with you wherever you go. Carrots are rich in beta carotene - an antioxidant - so they help to protect your body from free radicals. 9. Apples Multi-packs of apples are very affordable and are a great filling snack. They're linked with lowering your bad cholesterol levels and reducing the your risk of diabetes too!   For more articles like this, please subscribe to my blog.   Featured image credit: http://grannysvitalvittles.com/real-food-economics-101-real-food-vs-average-food-budgets/   Source: http://diet.allwomenstalk.com/top-foods-to-buy-if-youre-on-a-diet-and-low-on-money/7/  

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