9 Men And Women Get Real About Their Relationship Resolutions For 2016

It is nearly 2016 and you may be starting to think long and hard about how you can become the best possible version of yourself. Along with diet and weight loss, love and relationships get a lot of focus around resolution time. 2016 relationship resolutions Relationships are often a hot topic, so Women's Health asked 9 men and women about their relationship goals, plans and objectives for the year ahead. Here are the funniest and most thoughtful resolutions: 1. “I want to go after what I really want more often, even if I don’t think I’ll get it. I feel like I’ve been settling too much in recent years for people who I’m not a great match with or who I don’t even find all that attractive, so this year I’m going to go for people I like even if I think they’re out of my league. So I guess you can say I’ll spend less time being fearful of getting rejected, too.” —Holly H. 2. “I’d like to try a breakfast date! I’m sick of getting all anxious for first dates and having to deal with that anxiety and nervousness the entire work day. Why can’t we have dates at breakfast time, before work starts? That way, if it goes awfully you have all day to rebound. But if it goes well, you’ll be happy all day! Plus, this way, I’ll avoid getting too drunk and either having sex or making an liquored-up fool of myself on the first date.” —Amanda P. 3. “I’d like to try roleplaying with my wife. We’ve been together since high school, and though sex together never gets old, I think it’d be fun to introduce some new aspects that can spice things up.” —Tyler F. 4. “I’d like to keep up blatantly ignoring the alleged ‘rules’ that come with dating, like waiting a few days to call or text or whatever. I’ve had plenty of success this year asking for a second date toward the end of the first. I only do this when I feel like it’s going really well, obviously. There have been times when I’ve been denied, but in either case, I at least save myself the anxiety of waiting around to ask a few days later. A few times, a girl has said ‘sure’ then never texted me back, but oh, well—it’s her loss.” —Scott P. [bctt tweet="9 Men And Women Get Real About Their Relationship Resolutions For 2016"] 5. “I’d like to be less indecisive before and on dates. I feel like I’ve hurt myself by being too timid about activity and venue during the date’s planning stages and also about what to do while we’re actually together. I used to think women would like it if I was like, ‘We can do whatever you want,’ but now I realize that just seems like a cop-out to make them do the planning because you’re too worried you’ll choose something they won’t dig. I think it’s better to just take charge.” —Nathan R. 6. “I’d like to try actually approaching a woman in a bar and engaging in conversation and asking if I can buy her a drink. I’m 26, and I’ve never done that once. How sad is that? I’ve spent hours scouring dating apps and websites, but I’ve never just hit on a girl the old fashioned way. This is gonna be the year, though! At least I hope. I don’t know. I’m shy.” —Sam W. 7. “I’d like to keep up not fighting with my boyfriend. I love him to death, but I realized not so long ago that fighting with him is an exercise in futility because he actively enjoys fighting and winning. I used to engage him almost all the time, but now I let a lot of things, especially menial things, go—and it’s been better for our relationship. It’s also a lot of fun for me to see how angry he gets for a few minutes when he realizes I’m not going to fight with him about something.” —Christina K. 8. “I’d like to spend less following up after dates with guys who don’t follow up with me. F*ck those people. I mean, not literally. I mean they can die never knowing what it’s like to have been inside of me!” —Becky C. 9. “I’d like to keep not ghosting on people. It’s tough to send that message saying you don’t think things will work out, but as soon as you send it, you feel much better. You know, like you’re not a cowardly and inconsiderate asshole.” —Henry Y. There you have it! Are there any that speak to you? Confidence and honesty seem to be a big theme. No one should have to settle for bad behaviour and you'd be surprised how much joy you can find by simply expressing an interest, or making your needs known! What are your relationship resolutions for 2016? Source: Women's Health [caption id="attachment_123366" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_123367" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat logo @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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