The bikini body countdown continues as we get ready to hit the beach this summer! The secret to having a flat and toned stomach is really no secret at all because you've all heard it a thousand times before..... effective and targeted abdominal training, high intensity training, and a clean diet. I prefer to combine my abdominal training with some HIIT exercises so I get the most out of my workout, but you may prefer things differently. Everyone's body is different so listen to yours and see what works best for you. In this workout I put 9 exercises together that I have found effective. Combining some full body moves with isolation exercises...I find this type of training works best for me as I am naturally a curvy girl....so I need to really push myself to see overall fat loss results, plus I enjoy the mental challenge in a workout as it keeps me in the moment :) Of course, being able to see your hard earned abs will come down to body fat percentage, having competed in two fitness competitions both Fitness figure and bikini it's all about discipline with the diet while training diligently your entire abdominal region at the same time.   The Workout Set your time for 9 rounds, 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. **Make sure you warm up 5-10 minutes Exercises:
  1. Plank jack + hop in
  2. Alternate side burpees
  3. Lower ab weighted crunches
  4. DB crunch 2 + V-Sit twist 4
  5. Staggered pushup single leg + knee to elbow (Alternate)
  6. DB chest press + DB ab crunch
  7. Plank jack + hug knee side plank
  8. Alternate V-sit oblique crunches
  9. Mountain climbers

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