9 of the Most Annoying Things Guys Are Guilty of Doing at the Gym

You're enjoying your gym time, sweating away, keeping to yourself as you lift weights when suddenly you notice some creepy dude has been staring at you for who knows how long. It's tough not to give them a dirty look in response. Here are nine of the most ridiculously annoying things guys do at the gym that make you wish you could hit up a gym that was for ladies only. 1. Leaving a Crazy Amount of Plates on a Machine Once They're Done  Well, at least you'll get a workout from taking them off. 2. Cracking Jokes About You Being Obsessed With the Elliptical Cardio is a necessary component to exercise, man! 3. Judging You When You Do Decide to Lift  Seriously? Let me pump some iron without your condescending eyes glaring at me. 4. Staring at You, Even After You Catch Them  Please just let me work out in peace! 5. Constantly Staring at Themselves in the Mirror as They Work Out  Well, at least their confident. 6. Opting Out of Deodorant  They're doing an intense workout, but decided to let their smelly stench invade your nose. Really? 7. Leaving Behind an Absurd Amount of Sweat on the Bench There's no way you're going to clean that up for them. 8. Bragging About How Much They Can Bench Yeah, you are up there, too, but you don't feel the need to announce it to the world. 9. Dropping Weights Extremely Loudly Causing You to Jump Out of Your Skin It can't really be hard to put them down the right way, can it? Have you experienced any of these annoying things at the gym? If you just can't hack this sort of behavior, why not workout at home? With SweatFlix℠, you can choose from over 90 hours of on demand workouts. Covering everyone from beginner to advanced, and with new content being added all the time, you'll never be bored or bothered by annoying gym dudes! Source: Women's Health

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