9 Perfectly Good Reasons You Should Try Going Topless At The Gym

It is time to stop hiding yourself away under your gym shirt. That's right, show a little love for your body by stripping down. No, we aren't suggesting going 'girls out' braless, we're just saying drop that top layer. Your body is fab, your taking care of it. Embrace it.

But even if showing off your fine shape isn't really your thing, here are 9 reasons you might consider popping off that top when you hit your next sweat session.

1. Because Isn’t it Getting Hot in Here?

Yes, yes it is. But maybe it is just you steaming up the joint with your beauty bod.

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2. You’re More Aerodynamic

Could peeling that layer lead to your fastest mile yet? You won't know if you don't try...

3. You Can Finally Unleash Your Cute Sports Bra

Why buy those super cute sports bras if you are never going to let it see the light of day? Your bra deserves some attention too!

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4. You Can Keep a Better Eye On Your Form

The best way to keep track of your core during yoga, jogging or lifting is to actually be able to see it.

5. Crop Tops are Hot Right Now

You wear crop tops to brunch with the girls and out on dates. So, why not the gym?

6. You Won't Get Awkward Sweat Marks

Yes, getting a good sweat going is a badge of honour at the gym but sometimes you just don't want the world to see how drenched you get. So, whip off that top and get back to it!

7. You'll Show Off Head-Turning Muscles That Don't Get Much Love

You spent all those hours working on your back and shoulders but never really let them see the light of day. Change all that!

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8. You'll Look Like You Mean Business

People are going to look at you and think "wow, her workout is about to get so crazy intense that her shirt will only get in the way!" How amazing is that?

9. You'll Have Less Laundry to Do

Like this isn't the best reason. No sweat, no need to wash. Less laundry, less folding. Win.

Would you ever consider going topless at the gym? Why or why not?

Source: Women's Health

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