9 Scientific Signs That Reveal He's NOT A Cheater

Ladies, take note. Being cheated on is one of the worst pains a person can experience. So scientific research has actually been able to breakdown the 9 signs that tell you that your partner is being faithful. cheating men relationship #1 You Make The Same Salary A recent study from the American Sociological Review examined partners who made relatively the same pay cheque from month to month, and those who didn't. The results showed that men are more apt to cheat if they made a higher salary than their spouse did. But men who made a similar income to their spouse or who banked even less than their spouse were more likely to not stray from their relationship. #2 He's From The Midwest Apparently guys from the Midwest rank lowest on the infidelity scale. A recent poll published in the Chicago Tribune highlighted that males from that specific part of the country have stronger ties to faithfulness and aren't open to cheating. #3 His Friends Are Committed It may make sense to look at how his friends behave in order to get a perspective on how he will act in a relationship. If he hangs around respectful, honest and faithful dudes, he will in-turn be more likely to behave in the same way. M. Gary Newman, author of ​The Truth About Cheating, advocates for this theory. He says that if you can trust a man's friends, you can trust him. #4 He Feels Loved According to a study conducted by Newman, s*x is not the main factor for a man to stray. His desire for forming a new connection with someone outside of his home-life is typically based around emotional needs. If he feels unloved, neglected or not trusted at home, he is more apt to go looking for love and companionship elsewhere. Making him feel wanted will keep him from straying. #5 He's An Extrovert Research has proven that introverts are actually more likely to be caught cheating on their partner. This is because they are more easily propositioned when someone new comes along. Extroverts are less likely to cheat because they are more social creatures who aren't easily manipulated by situations. They are not influenced by others and make their own rules, so they are more reliable. #6 You Can Trust Your Gut More times than not, you can actually just trust how you feel inside about a person and their degree of faithfulness. If you have a little pang about anything that says this guy might be a cheater, more than likely you are correct. But if you never get that vibe, studies have shown that your instinctual nature is the best meter for determining who someone really is. Always look for 'red flags' and never ignore your gut. #7 He Loves Heavy Metal A real life study by real life people was published on this topic. Yes, dudes who frequently listen to heavy metal music like Pantera and Metallica ranked lowest on the cheat-o-meter. This makes that classic first date question, "What kind of music do you like?", super essential! #8 He's From A Big Family A survey conducted by an adult dating site recently revealed that men from big families are less inclined to go a-stray. And surprisingly, cheaters are more often only children. While the psychology behind this rationale is unknown as of yet, be sure to ask your man if he's got any siblings. #9 He's A Little...Impotent A weird and depressing study by ​Archives of Sexual Behavior says that guys who are easily aroused are more likely to go off and cheat. If a man struggles more with his bedroom activities, he will not consider cheating. Does that mean whiskey d*ck actually has some positive attributes? Tell us your thoughts! Do you agree with these science-backed studies? Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110841" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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