9 Signs You've Found The One Who Makes You Happy

A relationship that has you smiling ear to ear, singing in the shower and dancing in your underwear is truly something special! Here are 9 telltale signs you've found that person! P.s. don't forget to tag them in the comments below ;)


He doesn't mind you wearing comfy shoes on a night out, or pulling your hair in a messy bun. If it's your comfort that's in question, he's cool. Plus he thinks you look absolutely beautiful no matter what you're wearing!


He opens the door for you, helps you with heavy bags and doesn't mind letting you take the umbrella while he walks in the rain.


Holding your hand, hugging your waist or kissing your neck - he likes showing those sexy, intimate little displays of affection even when you're out in public.


He's so proud of you.


Nothing about your body is imperfect to him. He thinks you're gorgeous even with messy morning hair, a totally naked face or that scar on your side. In fact, he hasn't even noticed it.


He takes candid pictures of you which you would never think to capture. He finds beauty in simplicity, and your unguarded smile.


He doesn't mind lying in bed watching scary movies on a Saturday night if that's what you're into. Anywhere with you is where he wants to be.


He eases your insecurities and helps you unwind after a busy day.


When it comes to sex, he's as much about pleasing you as he is about pleasing himself. He never pressures you for sex, and always is focused on your needs. Together, you've taken intimacy to a new level.

Share with us the special things about your partner! What makes a happy relationship, from your perspective? Leave a comment!

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