9 Small Changes That Can Make A Big Difference To Your Weight Loss

Losing weight can sometimes feel like a big, daunting task but more often than not, it is the little things that make the difference. Paying attention to those little day to day habits, the ones we all have and resort to so comfortably and mindlessly, are the ones that could be impacting your weight loss the most. Here are 9 things you can tweak in your daily life that will give your weight loss a serious boost:
  1. If you usually take public transit to work, leave your house earlier and get off a few stops before you usually do. If you drive to work, the same thing applies. Either pick a few days a week where you take public transit and walk part of the way or park as far away from the office as you can. Even if you only end up walking for 5 minutes, that is 5 minutes more than you were walking before. It adds up over the course of a week. Buy a pedometer and you'll feel even more motivated!
  2. Drinks are hidden calorie havens. So, instead of that mid morning latte, try a herbal tea. If you usually drink soda or juice, swap it out for water. Fruit infused water is always a great way to make water feel more satisfying then, well, plain water.
  3. When you are headed out to buy groceries, bring a list full of ingredients for specific healthy meals. That way you will buy what you need and avoid the temptations of impulse buys. And remember, never shop when you are hungry! There is nothing worse than blindly wandering through a grocery store, without a list, while your stomach is rumbling. Those frozen meals and rich bakery desserts start to look pretty good!
  4. Control your portion sizes by using a smaller plate or bowl. Another good idea is to increase your vegetable content in proportion to your protein and carbohydrate content.
  5. Chew your food properly! If you take the time to slowly chew your meal, being mindful of the texture and the flavours of each bite, you will consume fewer calories. Eating slowly not only helps your digestion system but helps you feel fuller faster.
  6. Do you have an evening television routine? Get some extra exercise in there by getting up and dancing while the commercials are on. If dancing isn't your thing, try running up and down the stairs or doing some jumping jacks. Anything. Just get yourself up and moving.
  7. Eating regular meals is great for fuelling your body and for teaching it when it can expect to be refuelled in the future. If you are looking to cut down on your calorie intake, make your lunch from scratch. Bringing a sandwich from home instead of buying one can save you as much as 300 calories. Doing it yourself means you can control portion size and factors like the amount of mayo and salt.
  8. First thing in the morning, before you even eat your breakfast, measure out the daily portion sizes of things you use regularly like milk and butter. By doing this, you will not have to think about it again for the rest of the day. The milk you've portioned out, is all you get to have. Save yourself the worry later on.
  9. Get a good night's sleep. 7-9 hours is ideal. Getting enough sleep helps to control your weight by regulating your metabolism and controlling your hunger hormones. It could be a big difference maker.
Easy adjustments to make when you think about it! Have you changed up these daily habits? How has it impacted your weight loss? Source: Good to Know  

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