9 Teas To Aid In Weightloss

Notice that I say “aid” in weight loss. Any tea that purports to be a magic solution is probably A) too good to be true, or B) just a laxative. This being said, I recently did a really great teatox and thought it would be cool to look into some other teas that are purported to aid in weight loss.
  1. Pu-erh tea – sure, let’s just start with the hardest to pronounce first. I’ve been aware of this kind of tea for years, and have yet to say it correctly (I think it’s like drawing out the word “poor”, but adding stress before the r… or something). This tea has enzyme-activating ingredients that help shrink fat tissue, also possibly reduces cholesterol, although more studies need to be done.
teaspu-erh 2. White tea – contains theanine to keep you stress-free, and helps metabolize fat. Drink in the early afternoon for optimal results. 3. Oolong tea – this is my sister’s favourite kind of tea, it’s from the same family of tea leaves as black and green teas, but it’s processed differently. Oolong has long been found to improve skin, strengthen bones, alleviate stress, and the polyphenol compound in the tea enables the body to burn more fat. 4. Hibiscus tea – this one I’m not a huge fan of, as I find it kind of perfume-y, BUT it contains the enzyme phaseolamin, which breaks down complex carbs, reduces amylase production(the enzyme that turns starch to sugar), and reduce carb absorption. teashibiscus 5. Green tea – the go-to tea for general health and wellness, the EGCG in green tea also promotes fat burning for weight loss. And if you need to clean out your system, while getting a huge energy boost, then hellooooo matcha. It’s a finely powdered green tea that is basically made of magic. 6. Rose tea – this one I have not tried, it’s a caffeine-free herbal tea full of antioxidants and vitamins to promote healthy digestion. 7. Yerba Mate – I have a lot of chocolate flavoured mate teas, which I drink instead of coffee sometimes because it gives a strong energy boost, due to the stimulant called mateine, similar to caffeine. It’s also been said to reduce lung inflammation, increase oxygen supply to your heart, lower cholesterol, alleviate headaches, and promote weight loss. 8. Peppermint tea – one of my favourite teas, especially before bedtime, peppermint tea helps control appetite and cravings, prevents over-eating, and relives indigestion. Not mentioned in the article, but something I find to be true, peppermint also alleviates headaches and promotes relaxation. 9. Bilberry tea – I had never heard of this kind of tea, but with its tart flavour, antioxidents and flavonoids, craving-curbing and appetite surpressing properties, I will probably check this tea out. In warning, you should drink less than 2 cups per day to avoid any adverse side effects the tea may have on you. teasbilberry I am such a tea fanatic, I have an entire trestle devoted solely to tea and it’s three shelves are overflowing with about 100 different varities of tea, and several tea steepers and teapots. If a peppermint tea can cure me of a headache (surprisingly better than if I take Tylenol or Advil), then I’m not surprised that it can also help me shed a few pounds.

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