9 Things A Girl Does When She's Too Polite To Admit She's Not Into You

Trying to figure out if the cute girl you've been crushing on has feelings for you too? Want to ensure you're not in the friend zone? Well we're letting out some of the biggest secrets nice girls keep when they want to tell you they don't like you like that, but don't want to hurt you. things a girl does when shes too polite #1 Awkward Giggles When you go to ask her out, tell her she's pretty or make a move, she shyly giggles and waits for you to stop looking at her. This is her way to buying time to come up with a decent enough reason not to say yes/act flirty/kiss you. #2 She's Sort Of Dating Someone She keeps telling you that she's sort of seeing someone else, but she can't be definite about it. This keeps you at bay, because she kind of has someone already lined up. But because it's not certain with this person, she can grab a number off a guy she meets at the bar when you're out in your friend group and it won't be weird. (Chances are she doesn't have a 'sort of someone' that she's seeing, it's just an excuse) #3 She's On A Dating Break This could be true, or another line. If you and her had a real chemistry that she was feeling as well, she would probably break her own rules to explore it (just saying). Don't wait around for her to get back on the map. #4 She Brings Up Her Bad Qualities Not many girls get brutally honest about their messiness, their awkwardness or how they screwed up past relationships in order to attract you. Chances are she's trying to repel you by admitting her flaws, hoping it will send you running for the hills. #5 She's Always With Her Friends Trying to sneak in some one-on-one conversation but her best friend keeps lingering around? She's probably told her buddies to stick close, otherwise she'd be game for sneaking off with you. Girls aline their friends strategically. If they feel uncomfortable, the friend will stay. If they really want to get with you, the friend will receive a nod to hit the road. #6 She Lets Convos Drop She makes zero effort to keep talking to you, and you're the one carrying the bulk of the conversation. Sometimes girls are just shy and get worried about what they're going to say, but some girls pull this move deliberately so you get bored and move on. #7 She Ditches You This is an obvious one. You're at a bar and she says she has to go to the bathroom, but you look over and she's chatting up another guy. That's a pretty clear signal that she really isn't into you. Remember, two can play at this game. If she's flat out ditched you, she's not worth your time. Find someone else in the crowd to get to know! #8 She's Vague Let's say you ask her some questions to get to know her better, and she remains very vague. She doesn't want you knowing much about her. For example, "What are you studying?" "Nursing." "Oh awesome! Do you like it?" "Sure." She is either a horrible conversationalist or very uninterested in you. Either way, it's not good. #9 She Tries To Set You Up With Her Friend She genuinely doesn't want to break your heart, so she's trying to pair you up with her friend. If she's always playing matchmaker, it's a clear sign that she's trying to passively get you hooked on someone else. A sympathy set up isn't the worst thing that could ever happen, and maybe her friend really is perfect for you. Can you relate to these situations? What is your top dating advice? Source: Thought Catalog Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_112011" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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