9 Things Every Girl Who Works Out Can Relate To

Working out feels good, and you know that. So much so that everything feels wrong when you miss gym day. You find it to be a healthy outlet that just so happens to make you look better, too. It's become a regular ritual you look forward to, boosting your stamina, your happiness and even promoting calmness in your life. You feel the glow from the inside out. When you think of workouts this way, some things just hold true. Here are 9 you can relate to.

1.)  Flattened tummy please!

Yes, yes and yes to all of that healthy goodness. But, there's no shame in staring in the mirror at the physical results, too.

2.) You check out girls who appear even more toned than you are.

How many squats did she have to do to have a butt like that? How are her calves so toned? You can't help but wonder what her secrets are.

3.) Soreness in the morning feels good.

 It hurts so good ... who cares if you can't walk for the first half of the day after a good leg session.

4.) An empty gym means a happy gal.

You suddenly want to run around and kiss every piece of gym equipment because today, they're ALL yours.

5.) Your workout playlist is on point.

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Every time you discover a new jam you immediately add it to your list and start daydreaming of running faster, harder and stronger.

6.) Your retail therapy entails shopping for workout clothes.

 You gotta look good to feel good, right? Gym clothes can be super motivating. Not sure if you're up for kickboxing class tonight? Who are you kidding ... you just got a brand new pair of flashy shorts.

You're never settling for one plain old routine. You want more, and you want it now! A new smoothie recipe? Yes please. A new HIIT workout? Yep!

8.) Nothing feels better than completing your target.

 You just want to hug yourself for the rest of the day. YOU GO GIRL!

9.) Mirrors have your undivided attention.

You can't help but stop and take a peek into any and all mirrors. You worked hard for it, and your'e not afraid to feel good about it. For over 80 hours of on demand workouts, check out SweatFlix℠! Get all your favorite BodyRock workouts, any time and any place, you'd like them! With new and exclusive content being added regularly, you'll never be bored again! Are you a workout fiend? Can you relate to these? Source: That Scoop

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