9 Things Only Fit Girls Who Sweat A Lot Will Understand

A great sweat fest while pounding the pavement during cardio is totally beneficial. But if you're someone who's prone to sweating in and outside of the gym, you'll understand the struggle is very, very real. Here are 9 things only the most drenched among us will understand: 1) The Notorious Makeup Melt You put on your high-end primer but to no avail. Within minutes nearly 30 dollars worth of cosmetics has melted off your face. 2) People Assume You Just Came From The Gym Let them think you just killed your cardio. It's better then confessing that you are just a frequent sweaty mess. 3) People At The Gym Assume You Are A Superhero You leave looking like you've spent hours going apesh*t at spinning, but you were already like that before you finished warming up. 4) You Have Certain Deodorant Requirements Brands may have commercials featuring girls training hard and staying dry, but you see right through them. You've tested an arsenal of products and settled on anything that is "clinical strength". 5) Right Now You're Probably Stuck To A Leather Couch, Restaurant Booth Or The Seat Of A Car And the rip-off is going to be painful. 6) Stripping Off Is The Best Home is where the clothes are most definitely not. 7) Handshakes Are A Nightmare "I'm not that nervous I swear!" 8) White Shirts Big sweat stains that turn yellow. Need I say more? 9) You're A Master Of The Inconspicuous Sweat Wipe Whether it's the forehead wipe or the upper lip swipe, you're swift like a fox. What are your most common #sweatygirlprobs? Share them with us!    

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